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play fi

phorus123, phorus123, Australia


Member since August 17, 2012


    Education, Audio/Visual Design

    Through the time, wi-fi speakers are developing into increasingly more widening and predominating on the stereo industry. Those who prefer music, are discussing them so much with a great deals of commences and applauses such as 'they are wireless', 'they are advanced', 'they have numerous excellent apps like bluetooth wireless speakers or android speaker', or they are so perfectly shape', so on and so on. Yes, it is provable that those strengths of wireless audio speakers are massive and bright aspects of them are so obvious than other traditional speakers. Nonetheless, as typical audiences, can you know dark sides or in other words, disadvantages or imperfections of playfi wireless speakers. Let me give you some case studies about wrong things of them.

    The very first thing I prefer to say is about the signal of wireless speakers. Because these devices of wireless speakers run through the radio waves that enable them to broadcast sounds, it is accurate that radio waves can reach out to anywhere. Thus, wireless speakers are restrained in such a distance that the frequency waves can reach out. For example, a sound with the spectrum of 340 MHz can't reach to a speaker with sound range of 350 MHz. But if it could, the sound premium is sure to be faulty.

    The 2nd things is that the influences of bad weather. As I have said, these wireless speakers components are running by radio signals, for these reasons, in relations to technical functions, they work like a radio. And think tha...


    Communication, Audio/Visual Design

    As wireless speakers are becoming more and more familiar with annual increase of 15 %, it is correct that we-- the consumers have been given various forms of wireless speakers by different manufacturers. Additionally, with eye-catching commercials on television, on the internet, etc. and huge amounts of promotions from wireless speaker suppliers, it appears that we have so many selections to buy a speaker. But with the wide ranges of those items, ranging from colors, designs, prices, and technologies as well, are you certain that you yourself can buy a best premium of a playfi wireless speaker? Let me give you some ideas of how to select a proper speaker.

    The 1st necessary thing you should pay a special care to is the longevity of battery. Because all of wireless speakers are wireless, they themselves can not work without rechargeable batteries. Thereby, when buying a speaker, you should examine carefully the longevity of the battery. Ordinarily, a good battery can run for 6 hours per day, and lasts for 2 years after becoming down. Example, my friend has bluetooth wireless speakers, that he used it 3 hours per day frequently, and just after 6 months the battery grew bad and now it can operate in 1 hour without charging. Therefore, longevity of battery is totally necessary if you don't want to charge and charge it all the day.

    The 2nd essential thing to decide a good speaker is its capability to match to all of the music sources. Wherever your music documents are, in laptop...