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Webster Aubrey

Calabasas, CA, United States


Member since August 10, 2012

Shortened forms generally confuse the majority of people. If they suggest the name of a diploma, a higher education or perhaps ridiculous short form of a term, you're constantly confused in the case of some of these acronyms. There are various acronyms that might cause you to like to go nuts. Then, nearly all acronyms generally have a wide range of descriptions! One particular 3-letter phrase is SMH. Offered here are all the variants of this specific acronym.

The whole version for SMH implemented as an acronym is 'scratching my head'. This really is essentially the most well-known full forms of SMH which is normally being used whenever a person is puzzled or is clueless in regards to what the other person just typed in the message. At the same time, SMH over the net world may really mean 'shaking my head'. It is usually pointed out in case the man or woman you are texting with tells something so ridiculous that we have absolutely no words to react with. Occasionally, it could also mean 'smack my head', eventhough it still indicates exactly the same thing, that's, that you are too frustrated to reply to something ridiculous. So as a consequence, in the online world, SMH could really mean both equally 'shaking my head' plus 'scratching my head'.

Specifically what does SMH really mean?

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