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Sheri Bradshaw

Worcester, MA, United States

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  • The Fridges Adelaide Shopping Primer For The Novice


    Refrigeration of food is a necessity in order to keep food safe for consumption. It keeps the food free of the pathogenic bacteria that cause food poisoning, which leads to illnesses or even death. There is an excellent Fridges Adelaide marketplace that meets the great need for the refrigeration of food in the mostly hot Australian climate.

    You will come across a number of commercial and residential options that vary from blast chillers and freezers to refrigerated cabinets and counters, multi-deck display chillers, storage freezer cabinets and counters, ice makers, water coolers and walk-in cold rooms. You make your selection based on your intended usage and the storage environment. You consider factors like size, colour, the material of the fridge, energy efficiency and freezer compartments.

    The bacteria responsible for food poisoning thrive under the temperature danger zone. This is a warm environment of between 5 and 63 degrees Celsius, with the ideal temperature being body temperature. The bacteria multiply exponentially, doubling in size in every ten minutes.

    This implies that when you fail to refrigerate cold buffet foods like rolls, sandwiches, Scotch eggs and pork pies prior to serving them, the bacteria is likely to multiply until it reaches dangerous levels and result in food poisoning. The refrigerators are designed to operate in temperatures ranging from 1 to 4 degrees Celsius. Temperatures higher than this lead to the food retained allowing the growth of bacteria.

    If you are shopping for refrigeration units for commercial use, you ought to be ready to do constant temperature checks. This ensures the 1 to 4 degrees C range is always maintained. The documentation of these figures is also advisable for the sake of environmental health inspection.

    With the refrigerators for home use, make sure the temperature is cold enough to keep the food out of the temperature danger zone is all you need to do. A digital temperature probe does this quite efficiently, considering what determines the growth of the pathogenic bacteria is the temperature of the food you are storing and not the air in the fridge. You can do the temperature check by inserting the thermometer into a glass of dried salt stored on the top refrigerator shelf. You then monitor the temperature changes and adjust the thermostat accordingly.

    As long as you keep your residential or commercial use fridge within the appropriate temperatures, you are sure to keep your food safe for as long as it takes before its consumption. Keeping the refrigeration operating optimally will also be enhanced by a number of precautions. For instance, you could consider covering and wrapping the stuff.

    There is also the right way of arranging stuff, which is storing the high risk stuff above raw foods and avoiding putting warm stuff on the fridge shelves. Labelling and dating the stuff is also a prudent move, and you should make sure the things you put in first are the first to be removed for use. When you have cans that are partly used, you should decant into plastic and food-safe containers in preparation for refrigeration. The Fridges Adelaide units also require regular cleaning and defrosting.

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