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Bessie Stuart

Jacksonville, FL, United States

Member since June 30, 2012

  • The Window Cleaning Brisbane Businesses Depend On

    Well-being, Communication Design

    As soon as windows get cleaned, they start to get dirty again. This is as basic as the wind blowing and the dust, dirt and grime cars kick up on the road or street, sending all of this muck to your glass to get in the way of your view. The commercial Window Cleaning Brisbane business owners need come fully prepared to make sure that glass is clean each and every time.

    Regardless of whether you are on the first floor of your building or the top, these professionals come ready to get that muck off and provide you with a clear vision. They have been trained by people who have been doing this all of their adult lives and have the equipment to do it right. They do have a tendency to make it look easy and, for them, it is.

    They will begin by providing a complete free quote for the work you are asking for. The pricing will be based on whether you need interior or exterior or both. There will be a premium price on floors higher than two floors and, of course, if they are rappelling down large buildings, that will be a bit more.

    The knowledge they have will help them determine the best way to handle each set of windows. The basic set of supplies is simple: a bucket with cleaning solution, a cloth, a squeegee, a window knife and a wet bar. They might also have a long pole for hard to reach panes, however, this will deal with almost all windows on the ground floor.

    For the floors above that, a longer pole will be used to ensure all glass is cleaned. The techniques these professionals will use is something to see. They will wet the glass with the wet bar and allow it to set for just a few seconds. They will then apply the squeegee in either a straight down motion or side to side in a swirl.

    On floors above the second they will employ one of several different systems. They could use a system called a Tucker Pole. This is an extendable pole with a water source Quite often this water is treated to remove some or all of the heavy metals by process of deionization. This system also has an attached brush for these higher than normal glass panes.

    Another system they will be able to utilize is that of a scissor lift or boom truck. This will allow them to get higher up the building and pay personal attention to each window. The higher, skyscraper type buildings will have a system that allows them to drop a gondola off the roof and scale down the building, cleaning windows as they go.

    This glass cleaning is very important as without it, the panes can become pitted with contaminants that will permanently scar the image you will see through them. The professionals who dealt with the type of Window Cleaning Brisbane business owners like will have all of the expertise, the equipment and the attitude to deal with this very tricky situation. Most of these are not do it yourself types of tasks.

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