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Emily Brown

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

computer programmer

Member since June 30, 2012

Over 80% of mobile phone users depend on their devices to help them make decisions on what to buy and where to purchase it. With SMS marketing, using highly effective opt-in practices to build a database of customers, a business can reach a direct clientele quickly through text messages that often include incentives to grow the customer base even further. 3Seventy explores specific approaches to engage smart phone users, such as including coupons or creating contests, and regularly analyzes results for the best return on your SMS marketing investment. Why a mobile website? Because the website you’ve designed for a personal computer is awkward when reduced for the size of an apple iphone or Blackberry screen. With a growing number of potential clients using their handheld devices for immediate access to directions, reviews, product and getting information, even contact numbers, it’s essential for businesses to be nimble and quick with delivery. Companies like 3Seventy offer comprehensive mobile website services. Building a quality text marketing platform to your business is something about which you may have less knowledge. It’s why firms like 3Seventy exist. Setting inside the opportunities for potential clients to obtain texts is the first order of business. It involves overview of your business website and suggestions regarding how to increase the ease in which your current and future clientele can opt in.

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