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saline, michigan, United States

Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since June 22, 2007

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    As a whole the 145 creations chosen as finalists did not seem in my opinion to exhibit a cohesive standard of quality. It seemed to me that the choices were made under a "loose" understanding and/or adherence to the competition's brief. I completely agree with the MCAI in there evaluation that there were a number of very well executed creations left out of the group of finalists passed on to them for their final judgment. For future competitions, I suggest a single judgment carried out by a smaller panel (maybe four?) comprised equally in number of representatives from the actual client and of distinguished international designers. This way the final judgment will be the consensus coming from a panel that has informed one another through a discussion process as if it were an actual working client and designer relationship. Through this back and forth communication the desired outcome of the client and the design knowledge and experience of the designers will hopefully produce a result that can be respected by all involved. Finally, I think the brief itself should be written and agreed upon by all of the exact members of the panel that will be judging the competition. This would ensure a level of continuity and clarity throughout. Thank you to all those who work hard to make this site and competitions happen. Mistakes are part of the process, lessons are learned, improvements are made, and we move forward. Peace, jon