Jennifer Leonard

San Francisco, CA, United States

Designer (Journalism)

Member since May 19, 2007

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Sustainable Design(boost) votes


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Votes (43)

  • Kevin Norlander

    Kevin Norlander

    Denver, CO, United States

    Graphic Design

    stay hungry. stay foolish.

  • Melissa McClellan

    Melissa McClellan

    Hamilton, ON, Canada

    Designer (Graphic Design)

  • ayman hammad

    ayman hammad

    cairo, Egypt

  • Julissa Herrera

    Julissa Herrera

    Brooklyn, New York, United States

    Designer (Graphic Design)

    Visual Communication is Universal

  • Rora


    San Jose, San José, Costa Rica

    Designer (Graphic Design)

    Graphic designer

  • klarzone


    Hamburg, Germany


    design means clarity

  • Max Merlos

    Max Merlos

    Austin, Texas, United States

    Designer (Graphic Design)

  • Jennifer Nichols

    Jennifer Nichols


    Communication Designer

    What will endure is what is uniquely human – Jennifer Leonard

  • Cesar Augusto Idrobo Giraldo

    Cesar Augusto Idrobo Giraldo

    Lake city, FL, United States

    Design means change, improvement and a constant pursuit of perfection.

  • Sabbir Mahfuz Khan

    Sabbir Mahfuz Khan

    Khulna, Bangladesh

    Student of Architecture Discipline, Khulna University