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Jennifer Leonard

San Francisco, CA, United States

Designer (Journalism)

Member since May 19, 2007

  • thesis feedback



    I've been invited to give feedback to all Parsons students, regarding your thesis projects.

    I'm extremely impressed by your holistic thinking. You've taken the metaphor of a puzzle and applied it to a broken human issue, with the hopeful view that it can be put back together and made whole again.

    The refugee children need to play and exercise their imagination just like the rest of children around the world. The unique aspect of this game is that it also connects kids to their cultural heritage, pushes their thinking and spurs dialogue. The "ripple effect" you mention is brilliant. Wouldn't it be amazing if this could be developed in all refugee regions around the world, respecting the unique cultural conditions for each?

    Finally, I appreciate that this puzzle/game is intended to be made locally.

    Great work, J.

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"Design is people." - Jane Jacobs

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