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Steve Sleek

-, United States

Member since June 13, 2012

  • In response to Hopi Nation Straw Bale Home, posted by Andrea Jean,
    in the thread

    Together with straw bale, that area looks rich with sand and soil. Compressed soil makes good building material, and used together with the straw bale, a lot of other resources can be saved. Now it begs the question, can furniture be also made out of the same materials?

    Steve - Sleeksalonfurniture

  • In response to Furniture Movers, posted by Sarah Lidgus,
    in the thread

    There are many furniture manufacturers who can learn a bit about environmental friendliness from them. The carbon footprint of this company is small compared to other so called eco-friendly furniture makers. They could also go one step further, and instead of using the metal parts to secure the parts together, they could make the wooden parts fit together like a jig saw.

    Steve - Sleeksalonfurniture