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Benny Kingston

United States

Member since May 20, 2012

  • Definitely


    In response to Curitiba’s Mr. Clean , posted by Jacqui,
    in the thread

    This is one of the ways, in which proper urban design can help improve the lives of the people living in that city but such a high degree. When I see that 99% of the population is happy with how things are run, I know that the mayor is doing a great job. And A News Corner By opening its doors to the world and allowing them to adopt the same strategies that allowed them to be so successful, the city is able to make changes worldwide too.

  • Awesome


    In response to Mr.GUELLERIN talks about CUMULUS, posted by Michiko Sakamura,
    in the thread

    I totally Love this kinda of things. Cumulus, I always love it. When I was in Brussels Belgium I go after the team of Cumulus to meet them. From A-Z it all sounds perfect from every point of view. Recently, I have been looking for Reiki Courses to get comfortable with our own bodies. Many people offer Reiki Training but not all the people are upto the standard.

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