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Holidays by the Baltic Sea in Poland are used by both Polish and European tourists. Though the Baltic Sea will not remind of warm, blue seas to the south of Europe in any respect (it is much colder and wild due to strong winds). You only are not able to resist its charm. Try it alone ustka...

Sandy beaches and history ustka

Advantage of Polish seaside could be over 700 km long beaches that belong to your best in whole Europe ustka. A seaside is likewise appreciated for specific microclimate, abundant with iodine, due to which the towns located alongside the sea are stuffed with popular in Poland sanatories, different health hotels and resorts. Beaches in Poland are sandy, July and August work most effectively months for sunbathing. Summer months sees the Polish seaside pertains to life and beach resorts attract many holidaymakers trying to find sun and relaxation. Holiday resorts about the Baltic Sea also sport historically captivating cities, great natural attractions, and a relaxed maritime climate. And, least although not last reason, why it is actually worth to see and exactly what the tourists love Polish Seaside for: impressive hugeness and majesty with the sea causes an unique feeling of amazement and respect to the nature. The cities located here: Gdansk, Hel, Gdynia, Sopot remember dates of the finest events in Polish and European history (for instance: World War Another, Revolution of "Solidarity", to call just a pair of them) ustka.

Nature and culture

It's quite for those people that visited Polish Seaside to claim that it place is magical ustka. Some mysterious atmosphere causes that individuals can not wait to discover another sunset, desire to relax the new air and gloat the local cuisine with many different sophisticated fish species ustka.

Polish Seaside offers the tourists not merely traditional "3xS" but in addition a great many other attractions ustka. One of the most interesting areas are two Nature: "Wolinski", found on the Wolin Island with natural cliffs, that contains bison reserve, and "Slowinski", with lakes and different, movable dunes. On the seaside there are numerous attractive, unique touristic points (like: lighthouses in Czolpin and ustka). Small towns are great places for people who want to rest a long way away from the crowds ustka. For the amateurs from the culture and history, in contrast, Gdansk is best place, where they could explore both of them. Museums, historical points (shipyards, places of fights, monuments etc.), libraries and Polish-German agreement centers are around for everybody, regardless which and culture.

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