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Paul Scheel

United States, CA, United States

Member since April 23, 2012

  • Presenting Memorial Wind Chimes To Remember Loved Ones Who Have Died

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design


    A sad aspect of life is when a person that is dearly loved passes on and will no longer be around anymore. This will often leave a void in people that is very hard to replace. Many search for ways to try and keep a piece of the person who has passed alive and give them something to connect to. This way they can feel that the one they loved can still be with them, even if it is only in their hearts. One method that some people are employing is by using memorial wind chimes to help them remember.

    Some families are finding that these are good things to give to family members and friends who are suffering from such a personal loss. They might find that grandchildren can feel a little better if they have something that a real to keep them connected to a grandparent that they were very close to. These devices can be placed in a spot of their choosing o make them feel better.

    Many of the devices will have material that helps a person place them just about anywhere they might desire. A favorite location of some is in a peaceful garden where life abounds through much of the years. The sounds gently ring out over the birds, bees, and flowers growing and thriving.

    Another favorite place is hanging them on a porch where people sit and relax. When the wind blows they can hear the beautiful sounds. Many can even hear the music from inside the house as the chimes sway back and forth.

    There are those who feel that the best place to put this product is at the cemetery where their family member or friend has been buried. They will use the stake to hang the chime next to the gravestone. This way they might feel that the soothing sounds might help make their friend rest in peace. Other people coming to visit the other grave sites might also find some peace listening to the music while gentle breezes blow across the cemetery.

    Many of the chimes can also have messages put on them to honor the memory of the person who has left us. These can help sooth the hearts and minds of people as they read the nice words of remembrance. They can be individualized to focus on whomever has passed on.

    Some families are giving these devices out when people are out the ceremonies of remembrance. They might supply them to close family members and friends while they are preparing to leave the funeral home. Sometimes they can be supplied while people are headed back to their cars after the funeral services have ended at the cemetery. Or they can be shipped to individual homes later to let people help keep the memory alive of someone.

    Many people want to find ways to keep the memory of someone alive after they have died. There are a number of ways in which this can be accomplished. A nice way is by using memorial wind chimes that make people reflect when a soft breeze blows.

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