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Jordan Krauss

New York, New York, United States

Member since April 02, 2012

C Happy birthday cash registers! It is not always traders can pinpoint their own income. Often the information submitted by employees in the daily ledgers, is not very accurate, and turned out to be incomplete and unreliable. And the owner of the company had no chance to catch their subordinates in bad faith. This gave the best opportunities for unscrupulous staff theft, especially when a large turnover. The owner of a small cafe in the American city of Dayton, Ohio, James Ritty was precisely in this situation. His cafe was popular, not dried up the flow of visitors - and almost no institution to generate income. As it turned out, the reason for this was petty theft waiter, who could not resist the temptation to run hand in the cash drawer. The solution came unexpectedly. Once Ritty went to rest in Europe, and, walking on the ship the ship wandered into the engine room, where attention to a device that automatically counts each revolution of the motor shaft. Ritty struck by a happy thought that a similar device can record each purchase in a bar or cafe. Returning home, Ritty and his brother designed a simple cash register, patented Nov. 4, 1879. In the first model, each trade is fixed on the disk. Later a special indicator that allowed and the clerk and the buyer to see the purchase price. Now, after the indicator shows the amount that the seller had to put in the cash drawer, the temptation to hide anything becomes much smaller. Ritty invented as a device, fixed every monetary transaction on a paper roll. Now the owner can verify the amount of cash on hand with the amount indicated on the roll, and see exactly what was done shopping for the day. Cafe was to bring a good income, not only because of "honesty" bartender, but also because of the unusual device, which gathered a crowd of onlookers. Subsequently, the invention Ritty was called "Incorruptible Cashier Ritty."
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