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Cynthia Brown

United States

Member since March 23, 2012

Apple observed that almost ten billion applications have been downloaded from the App Retailer world-wide, and they are celebrating this milestone with a good contest.

The countdown is quite equivalent to that offered Apples iTunes Store ten-billionth song download|acquire and can be discovered at the bottom of their homepage.

To date, virtually $ten billion of apps have been downloaded from the App Shop around the world. What is almost as remarkable as the programs their selves. So we want to say thank you. 10 billionth get|acquire the software, and you could win a $ten,000 U.S. iTunes Present Card. Just check out the App Retailer and download|acquire what computer software could be your greatest but.

If youre fortunate sufficient to be the individual who downloads the software ten,000,000,000th, you could win a $10,000 iTunes present card! But you do not truly require to get|down load an software if you do not want, but you can just fill in the alternate form . You are allowed up to 25 handsets contest entries for each day.

Apple has ipad apps officially opened the App Retail store July ten, 2008, which implies it will only take about two and a 50 % several years to get to that milestone. In comparison, Apple released the iTunes Retail store in April 2003, and only in February 2010 he attained the exact same threshold.

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