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Raymond Johnson

United States

Member since March 23, 2012

All of us knows that USB ports are a fantastic way to transfer, discuss and upload data to your computer. Gone are the days when we would have to transfer details in very small lumps, making use of CDs or (even worse!) floppy discs, or sit staring for hrs as we tried using to attach files to an email.

But that isn't all USB ports can be used for! Today, there is a success of find my iphone app novelty USB devices that make the perfect present for your favorite geek (or your self!), from noodle strainers to Polaroid printers. Here's a few of concepts to get you started.

The USB Missile Launcher will be adored by children and major little ones alike, letting you get command of your very own foam missile launcher that can be fired off at all and sundry no matter if it be an annoying massive sister who's free iphone apps striving to take more than the laptop or computer, or an frustrating boss who will not likely depart you by yourself.

If you'd relatively suck up to the boss fairly than shoot foam rockets at their head, you could often provide to keep their morning coffee warm with a USB Chiller/ Hotter, designed to retain your cold drinks cold and your incredibly hot drinks hot. Soon after all, no an individual wishes a cold chocolate!

A pair of USB Heating Gloves will complement your attractive sizzling drinks all through the winter, trying to keep your fingers warm and toasty all day lengthy. If you, like me, are the type that generally gets one particular cold hand when employing the laptop or computer (invariably the mouse-hand), these will be a godsend for all those occasions when you know you ought to be working but just want to curl up in your great divan bed as an alternative.

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