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Kristina Drury

New York, NY, United States

Member since May 17, 2007

  • PlayPumps Water System

    Aid, Industrial Design

    After going to the Copper Hewitt’s “Design for the other 90%” exhibit, I was a little shocked they were missing the PlayPumps Water System PlayPumps International. It converts the energy of a simple children’s merry-go-round into clean water. As the children play and spin, water is being pumped from underground wells into storage tanks, saving the people time and energy not having to haul the water. This is type of design that not only making life easier for people, but provides children with something to play on. It is a known fact, that for children to grow and learn, playing is a key aspect.

    While walking through the exhibit, I think many designers forgot about the activity their designing and only the results (example: having someone stepping on bamboo for hours, to get the result of watering fields). The PlayPumps shows us that we can combine an enjoyable activity with a very important result. I think this should have been at the Copper Hewitt, because people would relate with action of play and maybe it would make people think that designing for the other 90% isn’t just about results but the activity as well.

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