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Rodger Swann

New York, New York, United States

Member since March 09, 2012

Find your soul mate is so difficult, many devote this much of his life. Changing boyfriend and partners, the relationship may break down at the very beginning, and after years of living together. One thing is clear - really strong relationships are impossible without couples sex. People meet, talk and here comes the moment when a woman is ready to take the next step in the relationship - to make love with her boyfriend. But first sex is accompanied by so many conventions and myths that would not be superfluous to debunk. What does a bed bug look like? First sex is always bad. For many, the first sex is not associated with pleasure and orgasm - first of all is to overcome the psychological barrier of the transition to a new stage of relations. Not surprisingly, few people expect from this good feeling. The more partners will be constrained by fear of not like each other. Friends comforted that a terrible first experience must be followed by enchanting. But such an assertion is far from the truth - in fact the first sex can be quite good, but not necessarily bad, and the subsequent relationship may be unimportant. It may be that a partner will be tender, gentle and considerate and will give an unforgettable experience of the first joint. And if there will be a selfish person, how can you hope for brighter future relationship? Most problems with first sex may not be associated with him, and the incompatibility of partners - this, too, do not forget.
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