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santiago, santiago, Chile

Member since May 22, 2007

  • The zoo of the parallel zones

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    La incursión del hombre en el mundo animal debe ser como la incursión del mundo de los fantasmas en nuestra realidad… tan increíble como invisible.

    The zoo of the parallel zones is described like a human route drawn up Ander a natural area of abundant wild life. The human layout is a underground movement area, a long- haul that it illuminates to the people in different collective or personal stations, where whit passive Technologies Developer by the intellect the human appears this in the animal habitat dont be seen, obtaining the observation of the animal species in its natural state, is the discovery of the secret activities of the animals.

    The animals seen never be the same seen such are given to the extension of the park and to the natural movement of the units through. The moment of observation is described like a surrounding experience, in that we can feel vulnerability, we are never but in the unilateral observation, we are surrounded in the reality. The visitors emerge to the surface, like immaterial tourists. A-MINIMAL

    The incursion of the man in the world animal must be like the incursion of the ghosts in our world as incredible reality… as invisible.

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