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Rowland Irish

New York, New York, United States


Member since March 08, 2012

In turn, the representative of the Commission for Taxi and Limousine Allan Fromberg expressed the opinion that is likely to increase the price of travel will not. He recalled that at a time when gasoline prices were volatile, taxi drivers in some parts of the country were allowed to temporarily raise the fee for their services. Probably the same way, and go now. According to forecasts from the Energy Information Administration (EIA), as soon as the retail fuel prices will increase even more. According to them, in 2011 the price for a gallon of gasoline is $ 3.56. That's 77 cents higher than in 2010, and 40 percent more than planned to economists. It is worth noting that even in cities where local authorities have approved the price increase, taxi drivers can barely make ends meet. This is because the prices were allowed to raise only $ 1. For example, arrived in Miami, because gasoline prices are kept for three weeks above the level of $ 3.50. Just one dollar more per trip taxi drivers are now in Washington and Chicago. It is worth noting that the mayor of Washington, Vincent Gray has approved the price increase only up to July. A typical driver of taxi cab chicago earns on average $ 150 - $ 200 per day. At the same time he spends on gasoline of about $ 240 - $ 280 a week and forced to work in a shift of 14 hours.
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