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Tamara Mendez

United States

Member since February 27, 2012

In the midst of Michael Jackson's terribly unexpected loss of life, it has occur to my attention that reporters are saying a Demerol overdose could have been the trigger. I definitely do not know everything about how the King of Pop died (for obvious factors), but I needed to touch on the matter due to the fact it looks reporters are directly linking his death to prescription painkillers.

Demerol is a tramadol for pain relief narcotic drug used to deal with reasonable to serious soreness.  Its common side effects include dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, drowsiness, stress and anxiety, irritation, and a sense of being "significant".  Due to the fact it can make folks feel "substantial", Demerol has a tendency to be employed and abused as a recreational drug.  Demerol's unusual, but major side impact is its capacity to slow your respiratory and/or coronary heart amount down to harmful levels.

This significant medication tramadol side influence normally transpires when an individual requires also much Demerol in a person dose.  What happens in a Demerol overdose is your pores and skin will get cold and clammy, your respiration starts to sluggish, you reach a state of near-snooze, and a coma can end result.

If the amount of Demerol in your bloodstream is way too much for your entire body to take care of (in the scenario of severe overdose), your heart tramadol on line pharmacy fee will slow down, in addition to your respiration, to the position where they both equally occur to a halt and demise will end result.

I am undoubtedly not saying this is how Michael Jackson missing his existence, but considering that there has been discussion about it in the information, I thought I'd make clear to you all how way too significantly Demerol can lead to cardiac arrest and loss of life.

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