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Washington, DC, United States

Designer (Interior Design)

Member since June 19, 2007

  • Thinking on the lines



    This design process focuses on forging and strengthening connections with different cultures and countries which would translate into positive benefits. A greater flow of information and ideas is always invigorating and gives new life to art-forms. The color palette in this image creates a peaceful sensation. The five squares in this image represent of each of the five continents of the world, and a harmony is created by the different overlapping lines and color. The colors and relaxed arrangement of the squares are shown to conceptually depict the idea of sharing and releasing thoughts, and the power of communication. Additionally, the connection between the squares is shown as a floating line that branches out from the thoughtful, open mind of a truly free spirit. The simplified tree pattern shows the strong root and non-separable moment of the present from the past. And the lines with organic movement floating free imply connections of the communication that are free of boundaries and restrictions.




    This logo projects an identity design for cultural diversity by using a mix of visual language of contemporary signs and symbols. The character “P”, in the world “Pure”, is shown bold in contrast with its surrounding graphics, which together conceptually portray the image of a parrot. Parrots are represented here as a symbol of spirit and positive energy which in most cases translate in to the human spoken word. That unique aspect of the parrot is used to reveal the difference and individuality of each human being. Moreover, the sharp contrast of the image with its background emphasizes the positive life that one can strive for. Therefore, together this image creates a constructive view of language that is built upon intimacy and emotion, and on the premise that no matter where you are from, you can have your own voice.

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  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
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