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Thomas Reed

United States

Member since February 20, 2012

iOS 5 brings above two hundred new characteristics to iPhone people, and on the 1st day by yourself has obtained hundreds of thousands of downloads - even so quite a few that the download|down load servers had been brought down for a small even though.

Though some of the tech press may have been essential of the iPhone 4S - the iPhone 4S has been a runaway success in the pre-order office.

Two characteristics that will have a dramatic effect by bettering the look and truly feel of iOS apps are GLKit and Core Image.


App developers have been in a position to employ OpenGL ES one.1 since the SDK was 1st produced, and with the iPhone 3GS had been equipped to make the most of OpenGL ES 2..

OpenGL ES 2. permits for spectacular speed increases, and the use of shaders. In spite of the advantages several applications do not utilize OpenGL ES two. simply because of the additional complexity.

GLKit eradicates substantially of the will need for considerably of the code necessary to set up an OpenGL ES two. watch. GLKit also delivers a variety of substantial-amount helper courses letting developers to carry out customized shader outcomes extremely speedily.

You can expect for a lot of far more apps to now make use of 3D graphics and GPU driven consequences this sort of as lighting and shadows. This probably will not suggest the demise of 2D online games on the iPhone and iPad, but it will absolutely increase the expectations of app shoppers.

Core Image

Core Picture (abbreviated CI) supplies iOS app developers to very easily apply filters to an picture employing a large level API.

One particular of the wonderful items about CI is that whilst being straightforward to use the GPU is utilized for fantastic overall performance.

Until finally now a to develop equivalent effects a lot of apps had been carrying out things on a cumbersome pixel-by-pixel basis which tremendously minimal their functionality.

With Core Image developers can with just a number of lines of code and you can count on photograph editing and drawing programs to genuinely be the ones that benefit from CI. Apps these as Pixelmator on Mac OS X consist of around 100 image filters provided by Core Picture.

Though picture and drawing applications may possibly make greatest use of Core Picture the filters can be incredibly valuable in user interfaces as can be noticed by Apple's possess Mac OS X apps these as the Dashboard.


GLKit and Core Image are two incredibly important APIs for a developer to recognize, and merged with the greater velocity of the iPhone 4S will supply stop the people with better searching, and better carrying out programs.

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