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Robert Turner

United States

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Right now, when automation is most likely the only way you can rapidly retain top quality candidates, it is crucial that you have the best and most recent in recruitment automation. An applicant tracking technique is the ideal option for all your recruitment woes.

An applicant monitoring program (ATS) or a candidate tracking process is an applicant tracking software package software designed to aid companies recruit employees much more effectively. It can be applied by both equally corporate as well as staffing and positioning companies. An ATS provides useful functions like to submitting of occupation openings on a company web page, screening and shortlisting resumes, quick lookup of pertinent applicant resumes, keeping a consolidated applicant resume database and a lot of much more. The use of this software program not only automates the recruitment process, but also makes it much less time consuming and minimizes price tag to retain the services of.

Its a common misconception that an applicant tracking program normally takes care of only shortlisting candidate resumes and sustaining a resume database. But the actuality is that an ATS can do substantially much more than just tracking applicants. Off late, there are a number of functions that are getting provided along with ATS in order to be in sync with the most recent recruitment trends.

Listed here are a couple of of the functions and features of an applicant monitoring program

Streamlines Recruitment Processes

Recruitment software normally requires care of different features of the recruitment process like scheduling interviews, offering feedback and candidate standing updates. This eliminates the possibility of losing out on very good candidates.

Gives a Centralized Database

Recruitment computer software supplies a centralized resume database that can be easily leveraged by recruiters across the organization. Resumes sourced require not be stored in files and folders that make retrieval of resumes tricky. It also removes duplication of resumes so that the similar candidates are not approached around and about again.

Integrates Different Recruitment Sources

One more advantage of getting an ATS is that it assists integrate the recruitment technique. Resumes obtained from several sources like worker referrals, suppliers and corporate site can be compiled at one spot and are created obtainable to all recruiters.

Supplies an Integrated Platform for Recruitment Stakeholders

Another time consuming duties for recruiters, that hampers recruitment effectiveness and at times also sales opportunities to miscommunication, would be coordinating with stakeholders of recruitment method like distributors. The vendor portal element made available by recruitment ATS assists effortless interaction with distributors when it comes to issues like publishing positions, status of candidates, and so on.

Other characteristics of applicant tracking program include invitation and reminder mails that are sent to potential candidates, so that they do not skip out on the several rounds of job interview. Some programs also give scoring features which aid recruiters and choosing professionals to select the correct candidate for the work dependent on his/her effectiveness.

All in all, applicant tracking programs considerably reduce the time to seek the services of and selecting charges involved in the recruitment procedure. Employing this sort of a technique can also assist streamline the recruitment course of action. It also assists make the method paperless and rids recruiters of the every day mundane duties that typically take up a great deal of their time

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