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Vincent Bustamante

Tampa, FL, United States

Member since February 19, 2012

gold plated coins

Ware Roger Tipley Teresa Tung Accenture Pitt Zeighami HP List of New and Modified Credits Sustainable Sites Credit 4.1 Alternative Transportation, Bicycle Storage Credit 4.3 Alternative Transportation, Low emitting and Fuel 4.4 Alternative Transportation, Parking added Credit 5.3 Site Development, Impacts to Local Cooling Tower added Credit -- Generators, Cooling Towers added Credit 5.5 Site Development, Air Quality 2.0 Innovative Wastewater Technologies changed -- 3.3 Water -- Fundamental Commissioning Prerequisite 4 Minimum Energy 1 Enhanced Energy Sub of Metrics of Performance ASHRAE 90.1 changed Credit 3 On Site Renewable -- changed Credit 4 On Site Generation, Based upon Reduction in Source Enhanced Commissioning changed Credit 8, Green Power changed Materials and Resources Credit Wood deleted Indoor Environmental Quality Prerequisite 2 Environmental Tobacco Smoke ETS Control Ventilation deleted Credit 4.3 Low -- Materials Carpet Wood Agrifiber Products Comfort deleted Credit 7.0 Acoustic Environment added Credit deleted Credit 7.2

My Interests

  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Audio/Visual Design