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New York, NY, United States

Graphic Design, usually

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  • Too Crazy to Vote?

    Well-being, Communication Design


    So here is something that caught my attention in the New York Times. Basically, who is considered fit to vote? If you have been convicted of a crime by reason of insanity, are you considered mentally astute enough to choose a city mayor or even a president? Enter Bush Joke Here

    Some people feel the mentally ill should not be granted the right. The American Bar Association has said that "people be prevented from voting only if they cannot indicate, with or without help, 'a specific desire to participate in the voting process.'" Some people argue that insanity is a sort of disability and the disabled should have the same rights as anyone else. How does anyone else feel about this? I am especially interested in answers from people outside the U.S. I wonder how this sort of matter is addressed in other countries.

    New York Times

    I got the image from here

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