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Akin Bacioglu

Istanbul, Turkey

Designer (Product Design)

Member since May 22, 2007

  • Dream | Out of Box

    Community, Communication Design


    This is my entry for UNESCO's Dream Logo Competition. Look carefully, if you like it please vote for it...

    Normally, a child dreams about being a superhero, being the president or something similar. On the other hand, children in post-conflict regions just dream a normal life !

    The DREAM center reminds these underprivileged children what they are or would be and teach them how to think and express themselves without borders. It produces freely thinking children from old ones. This is a reproduction to me. That's why i interpret the DREAM center as a factory, a stylized chimney in the logo. First, It forms a child. Then, this child begins to think. Ideas begin to grow, shape a free bird and pass all the borders at the end.

    I hope this DREAM will come true !

  • diversity festival logo competition entry

    Community, Communication Design


    This logo uses two graphic illusions for telling two stories about the cultural diversity and the festival. First illusion uses negative space technique and the second one jumps 3rd dimension from 2nd dimension.

    story 1: the colorful stripes,actually illustrate a graphic chart which shows changing values and the colors represent different cultures . there are hands rising from these cultures and trying to reach higher in blue sky and saying " hey, I am here, too". maybe these same hands belong to people enjoying themselves with the music or different performances in this festival.

    story 2: parrot is an one of the most attractive animals of the nature. beautiful colors and a special gift, "talking". For an organization which different cultures meet each other and talk about the future, parrot is a very proper symbol. In this logo, there is an illusion that hides a stylized parrot with colorful tail, a blue body part, a red-green beak and an eye watching over people.

    Black / white and white / black versions of the logo also gives the complete message, maybe in a simplier way. they all can be used in different media.

    !!! please vote if you like it !!!!

multifunctional simplicity will save the world

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