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Oscar Hurst

New York, New York, United States


Member since December 29, 2011

What you should know about implant dentaire. Implant - a titanium helical support for an artificial tooth crown or denture. There are various modifications of the implant as the size (length and diameter), and in form. For example, a system of Astra Tech (Sweden) in a single process group OsseoSpeeD over 42 types of implants. The length ranges from 8 to 19 mm and a diameter of 3.5 to 5 mm. In principle, any implant consists of two main parts. The first - the actual implant, which is located inside the jaw bone. Second - the abutment and ceramic-metal crown, ie, that part of the design, which is located directly in the mouth. Examples of implants on the variability of forms: Depending on the thickness of the jaw bone and the alveolar crest height chosen one implant, which will create maximum support for the future crown. Abutment - suprastructure, screwed into the implant and provides support for a crown or denture. They are also a lot of options. The abutments can be fabricated from different materials.: Titanium, zirconium, gold, and others. Of the same materials can be made and crowns. Under ideal conditions, it is desirable to replace a single tooth implant. In exceptional cases, may restore the dentition to the bridge supports on 2 implants, but you can replace no more than 3 missing teeth.

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