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William Tyner

New York, New York, United States


Member since December 29, 2011

Metal shield, bell All of the above / in the previous paragraph holds for these objects, except for the depth of detection, which is in the range 1.5-2.5 (m). Tank, engine, aircraft For a good language detection depth of objects is called "maximum theoretically possible detection depth." In other words, there is a theoretical limit, beyond which an electronic metal detector is not able to register objects in principle, although arbitrarily large in size. The existence of this limit on the depth of detection is easily explained if we recall that the amplitude of the reflected signal is inversely proportional to the 6-7th power of the distance and the size of an object depends only on the 3-5th degree. The maximum theoretically possible detecteurs de metaux depth ranges from 1 (m) for the simplest of devices with disk probe 4 (m) for complex devices with a large sensor of orthogonal coils on the bar. Unfortunately, this is the quantity usually appears in the promotional purposes, but at that depth, you will not find anything!

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