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Zechariah Winn

New York, New York, United States

Member since December 14, 2011

How to choose a Casque Moto. The question as to why you helmet will disappear by itself, you'll go as soon as the rain, or gather with your head all the dust. However, the helmet is needed not only to "save face". Helmet - this is your protection and to understand it, do not wait for an accident. With proper selection of the attribute rider you will receive not only protection but also priobretesh your own style. Helmets are different - open, closed for three quarters and fully closed - integrals. Since the legislation does not clearly define the requirements for the helmet, you have great freedom of choice. Open-face helmet gives more freedom - there you can eat, drink, smoke (do not do this while driving, unless of course you do not have to test the strength of the helmet in an accident), he has an excellent review, in addition, if you have a bad vision and you had to wear glasses, a helmet did not prevent this. The biggest advantage is its integral protection. With it you can not fear neither wind nor rain, and the security it, not to mention, the champion. Integrals of the new generation are not as heavy as before, with the latest materials. For example, the integral with the hull of a carboxylic weighs about a kilogram. Helmets are very popular, one-quarter open. In it you'll be able to wear glasses, they have a protective shield from the sun, plus they provide a pretty great review.

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