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Owen Duvall

New York, New York, United States

Member since December 13, 2011

Sewing Bamboo Roman Shades. For all the apparent simplicity of roman blinds requires a very clear and precise cutting: bias in any 5 mm leads to the fact that all drapery move out. Must be especially careful when mounting the Roman blinds made in the window opening - in this case, any shift in sewing will be even more noticeable. In order to avoid such mistakes and achieve maximum correct geometry, fabric before sewing utyuzhat carefully. Roman blinds are very economical - expenditure for its manufacture of tissue is minimal. Nearly the size of the tissue required for Roman blinds, window corresponds velichene - must take into account only the minimum weighting for hem at the bottom (about 5 cm) and the same at the top - for Velcro. The choice of fabrics for Roman blinds. Traditionally roman blinds are used to cover the window, with the passing light, so it was made using transparent or translucent fabric - organza, tulle or veil. Mainly for Roman blinds berutodnotonnye tissue, but you can choose fabric and patterned, for example, with floral patterns. But in this case you need to pay special attention to it - if the flowers are large, then, when the curtain will go up, the drawing may be truncated. When buying fabric for roman shades, its worth a look to the light to see the real color that it gives, and make sure it is the effect you want to achieve. Due to the fact that the tissue is transparent and on it there is a definite pattern can be obtained by contre interesting solutions that can be used as a device in the interior. Another point - choosing the fabric, make sure that it can be washed. Then no problem using it further will not arise. Mounting options for Roman blinds. Roman blinds can be mounted two ways. First - install into the window opening, but make sure that it is perfectly smooth, especially vertically. Another note on the design of the window: if it is without the top and transoms, and sootvtetsvenno opens to full height, the Roman shade may interfere. In this case, select outdoor seating - by the way, it will help hide the construction defects and curvature of the windows. In this case, you should pay attention to the window sill. If it is done correctly, with the removal of 5 cm on each side, it is better to drape width equal to the width sill. Otherwise, the Roman shade should go to 5-10 cm in both directions relative to slopes. New solutions for the design of your windows will be a combination of different types of curtains. For example Roman blinds and roller blinds or classic of French and curtains of transparent veil. It looks original curtain and new. Voila sewing design studio will be able to sew any ideas you have and our designers curtains. We offer the choice of curtains away from the standard representation of curtains, designer poeksperementitrovat on curtains. The designer will be happy to offer this kind of work and a few options, since the designer curtains that will not be routine work, and creative flight of thought. Waiting for you in our showrooms curtains.

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