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Portland, OR, United States

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  • Need Filmmakers for Kenyan Documentary

    Poverty, Audio/Visual Design

    Watoto wa Dunia Inc.

    Watoto wa Dunia is seeking 4-5 film makers to document critical problems facing Kenyan citizens and bring to the public eye the goals and objectives of our organization and the work we are doing in Kenya.

    Person(s) interested will be guided for approximately one month and document the following subjects that must be brought to the public eye:

    •Micro-Finance Project •HIV/AIDS •Problems facing the women and children of Kenya •General Watoto wa Dunia goals and objectives for our work in Kenya

    This film will be collaboration between our co-founder and the filmmaker(s). It is very important to bring light to these mentioned subjects through the filmmaker(s) views. Creative vision will be give to the filmmaker; the most important goal is to show the world the problems facing Kenya and to use the film as a teaching tool.

    Minimum Qualifications: Knowledge and experience in filming, editing and a creative vision for documentary/educational style video. Must have necessary equipment to create and edit film or access to necessary equipment.

    Funding: As we are a grassroots non-profit, funding will not be provided. Interested person(s) must be able to sponsor themselves. Room and board will be arranged by Watoto wa Dunia as well as a rough timeline and schedule for traveling.

    What You Will Receive: An amazing opportunity to travel throughout Kenya and learn from the country and its citizens! This is an excellent opportunity for filmmakers to expand th...