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Fumiko Ichikawa

Tokyo, Japan

design researcher

Member since October 21, 2011

  • Design Competition is now open for Earthquake Disaster Recovery

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    Enter your ideas for earthquake disaster recovery

    Issue+Design is now seeking for design ideas, which will help the restoration in the devastated area in Northeastern Japan.

    The Great East Japan Earthquake took the precious lives of tens of thousands of people, and left coastal towns and villages in a state of devastation. Through this life-shattering event we confronted the violence of nature, and saw the vulnerability of science. At the same time many of us realised the strength of the Japanese people and the value of connectedness.

    As many nations have metropolitan areas and dense populations on their coastlines, the impact and damage that a tsunami can bring is no stranger to any citizen of the world. In addition, natural disasters such as hurricanes and volcanic activities have been affecting many communities across the globe. What did we learn from these situations? We would like to take this opportunity to put together knowledge, experience and creativity to be passed onto those who need them today and in the future.

    Over the next ten years, communities in these areas will begin to overcome the devastation. What kinds of towns, industry or infrastructure do you think will appear by 2020? Consider the challenges they will face in the medium and long-term, and design products, services, spaces or anything else, to meet those challenges. Your ideas will shape the future of these devastated areas.

    For more information and submitting your ideas, please visit competition website.

    Cheers from issue plus design team

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Japanese electricity supply is 100V, seems like a barrier for exporting hi-tech products.

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