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Tessy Britton

Liphook, Hampshire, United Kingdom


Member since June 14, 2007

  • School_of_everything_177_

    The team behind School of Everything is on a high after scoring their first round of investment in the form of £350,000 seed funding from Esther Dyson, Rocco Pellegrinelli and JP Rangaswami alongside Channel 4 Education and the Young Foundation.

    That means expanding their small, Bethnal Green team from six upwards - not bad for a project that started as a voluntary experiment in social philanthropy in October 2007.

    Via Thriving Too Via The Guardian

  • Gordon Brown has met with Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, father of microfinance and founder of the Grameen Bank last week.

    The Prime Minister said:

    "With foreign investment into microfinance across the globe tripling to $4 billion between 2004 and 2006, and through the work of organisations like the Grameen Trust which reaches over 4.7 million families through 141 partners in 38 countries, the impact of microfinance is being felt all over the world. There is an urgent need to improve business and management skills in the microfinance industry in Africa to make sure this money is used to help people from the world's poorest communities."

    "As a first step the UK Government will provide £500,000, towards bridging the skills gap in the microfinance industry in Africa, which will be more than matched by the private sector. We will bring together civil society organisations, and the private sector to contribute the funding, knowledge and skills required to bring microfinance to those who need it most."

  • Oxfam Humankind Advert

    Aid, Communication Design

  • Permanent Breakfast

    Community, Communication Design


    Permanent Breakfast is a continuous social experiment that can be executed by anyone, anywhere.

    The experiment was conceived in 1996 by the Austrian artist Friedemann Derschmid and the basic idea is to bring people together to have breakfast in public spaces that are not necessarily obvious picnic spots, thereby modifying the way we think of these spaces as well as stimulating social interaction in them.

    Naturally, anyone can do this without it being an art project, so to be an authentic Permanent Breakfast event, there are some rules that participants must follow: The organizer must invite at least four people under the condition that each one of them subsequently invites four other people for a new breakfast to be held somewhere else. And so on.

  • Connection Culture



    I love this Manifesto on The Connection Culture which has been posted on the Change This website by Michael Lee Stallard.

    A lot of this is familiar, but I like how he has managed the principles based on the 24 Character strengths and virtues from Positive Psychology. Essentially they describe how our individual efforts can bring about good organisational climates... I particularly like to include schools in this....

    "The bottom line is that connection plays a critical part in improving individual performance. People who are more connected with others fare better in life than those who are less connected. Connection, because it meets our human needs, makes people more trusting, more cooperative, more empathetic, more enthusiastic, more optimistic, more energetic, more creative and better problem solvers. It creates the type of environment in which people want to help their colleagues.

    They are more open to share information that helps decision makers become better-informed. The openness that emerges in a trusting and cooperative environment creates a robust marketplace of ideas that stimulates innovation."

  • I want you

    Well-being, Communication Design

    The film above shows the amazing project designed by Jonathan Harris's & Sep Kamvar for the Design and the Elastic Mind exhibition at MoMA. "I want you to want me" is specifically designed for a 56" high-resolution touch-screen, hanging vertically on the wall.

  • Trust3_177_

    I hardly ever go on to the Social Capital blog and not find a brilliant post. Today I have been delighted to read in this week's post that societal trust is up 10% in the UK. Down in other places . . . but still very excited by this research. In the post 'Across countries, where social trust is high, crime and corruption are low' they look at some detail at the Pew Research findings correlating trust and crime in various countries.

  • Co-working and sheds

    Community, Industrial Design


    I am now convinced. Home workers need to get out more!

    Please look at this site. A new blog dedicated to 'bookshelves, bookcases and things that look like them'. I think they are all very gorgeous and interesting but given that the blog has been started by Alex who has another beautiful blog called Shedworking they are an accessory for the home worker. The benefits of working from home are well documented. There is a great post on this subject on Alexander Kjerulf's site.

    But there is a real movement to re-connect with people especially if you are away from offices. Example is the wonderful increase in the number of 'men's communal sheds' springing up across Australia - we blogged about that in November. At the last count there were over 216 community sheds open which are drawing older men to socialise and work. The men are working on a variety of craft projects, such as metal and wood work, as well as community projects. The increase has led to a decrease in depression and suicides in this age group as men who have become lonlier following retirement, rediscover a sense of community.

    The increase in co-working hubs, reported in The New York Times shows that people need to be with others. And they are springing up all over the UK too.

    Bigger sheds required? Good shelves can make you happy.... People make you even happier!

  • Fairy_lights_177_

    The number of UK doctors prescribing exercise for treating depression symptoms has risen by 17% in just 3 years. The survey reported by the BBC showed that the benefits of exercise included the releasing of natural endorphins, less social isolation and better body image.

    I wonder how long until doctors start prescribing longer break times for children again?

  • Evolutionary Networks

    Community, Communication Design


    On two recent occasions I have been confronted with the realities of the information and population explosion. Sharing a meal with a well informed professional person, we have mentioned leaders in our respective fields of work, only to be faced with completely blank looks. It can be really quite embarrassing if we don't openly understand and acknowledge the reality of the situation. It has always happened to a certain extent, but it is getting increasingly difficult to keep up. And there is little authenticity in pretending.

    In the revised Shift Happens film it quotes that the amount of technical information is doubling every 2 years, there were 3000 books published today, 2.7 billion searches performed on google this month . . .

    The truth is really quite profound. We cannot manage without people networks, where we have connections with lots and lots of other people. . Perhaps we don't need to be trying desperately to absorb so much information? We need people, and we need to build trusting relationships with those people in order to collaborate.

    I think that that this is a truly wonderful thing.

    I was fascinated reading Roland Harwood's post on the development of cities. There is certainly no doubt in my mind that self-organisation has already happened with regard social networking sites.

    The challenge is to design systems evolutionary enough and quickly enough to ensure their relevance . . . next week.


The question is not what you look at, but what you see. Henry David Thoreau

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