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Tessy Britton

Liphook, Hampshire, United Kingdom


Member since June 14, 2007

  • Brainstorming_177_

    Vincent Nolan is an extraordinary and infectiously enthusiastic man who was Chairman of Synectics, the international creativity and innovation consultancy. Since retiring Vincent has focused on introducing business creativity methods into education through the Registered Charity, Synectics Education Initiative (SEI) Vincent is writing Thriving an article on the links between emotional intelligence and creativity. Below a sneak preview from the draft:

    "From the point of view of Emotional Intelligence, the most interesting aspect of brainstorming is that the simple expedient of outlawing judgement (whether positive or negative) creates an emotionally safe environment which releases ideas. The ideas were presumably in the heads of the people involved, but not expressed before the brainstorming session. It raises the question “what else do people suppress, as well as ideas, for fear of a negative reaction?”

    Brainstorming for collective and individual ideas is such an exciting process in an emotionally safe, trusting and non-competitive environment. Do you have a room in your school filled with visual and art materials for bringing ideas to life?

    Thriving looks forward to drawing on Synectics as a tool for promoting communication and creativity skills in education . . . in science, art, maths, drama, biology, geography, PSHE, music, history, creative writing, IT, graphics, student voice. . . . . . . :-) <a href="

  • The Happiness Foundation

    Peace, Communication Design


    "Happy people appear to be more concerned with social problems and to be more apt to do something about that. There is also evidence that happiness activates and that it encourages social involvement. . . .unhappiness leads to withdrawal mostly, while happiness fuels openness and involvement. Happiness works as a ‘go signal’." The Happiness Foundation is an organisation which provides pro-bono consulting services to non-profit organizations, helping them achieve their full potential. Uniquely, the organization works as a matchmaker between Volunteer Consultants and charitable projects.

    As their website says "We breathe life into organizations that have the desire and the potential to improve the lives of people in need.. . . Happiness breeds happiness. And the more happiness there is in the world, the less we have to worry about the threat of war, disease and economic hardship."

  • Diversity

    Community, Communication Design

    <a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a> "Diversity…is not casual liberal tolerance of anything not yourself. It is not polite accommodation. Instead, diversity is, in action, the sometimes painful awareness that other people, other races, other voices, other habits of mind have as much integrity of being, as much claim on the world as you do… And I urge you, amid all the differences present to the eye and mind, to reach out to create the bond that…will protect us all. We are all meant to be here together." William M. Chase, "The Language of Action"

  • We Are What We Do

    Environment, Communication Design

    <a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a> We Are What We Do is a movement founded by David Robinson designed to inspire people to use their everyday actions to change the world. Their website is fantastic, a great resource for schools . . . and everyone else too. In fact there is nothing they are doing that we don't think is fantastic. :-) The level of public involvment is so high that 787,180 actions have been completed through the website. What we like about the list of actions is that they include not only environmentally friendly actions such as refusing plastic bags, recycling paper and ink cartridges, but also people friendly actions such as 'Praise People', 'Don't be an ideas killer' and "Don’t judge someone by the job they do' . . . .

The question is not what you look at, but what you see. Henry David Thoreau

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