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Tessy Britton

Liphook, Hampshire, United Kingdom


Member since June 14, 2007

  • Mirror neurons get a visual arts experience

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    Neuroscientist V.S. Ramachandran shook the scientific community when he announced, “The discovery of mirror neurons is the most important unpublicized story of the decade.” He predicts that the recently discovered system of neurons “will do for psychology what DNA did for biology,” because it provides a biological basis for certain aspects of the human mind, such as social intelligence and empathy, that have eluded scientists thus far.

    Inspired by this daring claim, independent artist Amy Caron is collaborating with Ramachandran and leading mirror neuron researchers Lindsay Oberman and Vittorio Gallese to create the performance installation Waves of Mu. Named after the electromagnetic oscillations that reflect mirror neuron activity in the brain, Waves of Mu is a mix of visual and performance art, designed to stimulate public interest in modern neuroscience. Specifically, Waves of Mu will engage and inform the audience about the brain while simultaneously triggering their own mirror neuron systems. During the evening-length work, the audience will be exposed to a performative sculpture and a film/live theatre experience – each occupies a separate room. Throughout the experience, the artist guides the audience along a constant traverse between the brain and behavior interface - a journey that reveals new knowledge about the composition of our brains and their effect on our socal interconnectivity.

    Amy Caron's website is so interesting!!

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The question is not what you look at, but what you see. Henry David Thoreau

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