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Tessy Britton

Liphook, Hampshire, United Kingdom


Member since June 14, 2007

  • Fantastic Urban Community Farming

    Community, Environmental Design


    In the Summer and Autumn 2007, thousands of people living and working in the town of Middlesbrough, Tees Valley will participate in a project devoted to the cause of local food production and reducing food miles. Along the way, young, old, rich and poor will work together, grow food to eat and realise new relationships with local food producers and existing growers in the town and its surrounding area. Through the experience, they will pioneer a new sustainable future not just for Middlesbrough but also other post-industrial communities across the U.K.

    The project is designed by David Barrie (See David on the Design 21 site) and led by Middlesbrough Council and <A href="">Dott 07</A> - working in close partnership with Groundwork South Tees, Middlesbrough Primary Care Trust, over fifteen primary and secondary schools, many local community and voluntary sector organisations and existing allotment growers in the town.

    Between June and September 2007, this army of new ‘urban farmers’ will bring their harvested ingredients to a ‘kitchen playground’ event: three week-long blocks of activity in which people will prepare, cook and eat dishes based on raw ingredients that they’ve grown. A headline playground event will be hosted by a national and local chef and the recipes created by both the chefs and local residents will be distributed as postcards.

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