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Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

Designer (Textile Design)

Member since September 05, 2011

  • edpeny tie-Dye collection

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design


    Silk tie - dye,celup ikat


    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design


    Textile design painting. Is a design manufacturing process using the techniques of painting, just like making a painting for decorate the interior walls of the room, just painted textile designs using sizes and conditions in accordance with the conditions of the machine used by the textile industry, such as the use of color, shape, line and composition. In general this design using fabric media,silk, cotton, or polyester fabric. Many techniques can be applied in the process of making textile design, painting, such as: direct painting, paint transfer, or a mixture of techniques : painting - digital - tie dye - and the patch. As an example I attach some textile design from my collection that are making use of techniques of painting and tie-dye.

  • How to become a textile surface designer

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design


    Picture what would we make ..? This question will often arise when we do not really know what and how our desires, how our abilities, and what our favorite. The introduction of the personality is the key for someone who wants to be a designer, this is the important thing that will support the continuation of a designer's career. My article in this post is a first step "How to become a textile surface designer" with the ability to measure, recognizing the desire and joy. but before we make a design for other people or industry, as the first exercise we create a design for its own purposes.

    Finding out what we might make ..? Often this is an obstacle when one intends to express his feelings, the influence of the atmosphere and environment is often a measure of ability, do not feel confident with what others are doing to see better jobs and greater, there is a battle within himself, and this will be dilemma that creativity does not perform optimally. Felt compelled, unconsciously we work under pressure made his own. This is reasonable if we only use as a comparison rather than as competition. Create a work according to ability, until we love and feel comfortable, of course, exercise should be done frequently, makes the job simple using a very basic technique is:

    ...The form only, or just color...

    We need to know if we discussed entirely in one of two basic techniques of the above will probably require a long time and has no end, because one of the only possibl...

manufactures textile design, print image patterns of high quality original art,digital and hand painting

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