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Emory Ingraham

New-York, New-York, United States

Member since September 02, 2011

How to choose a hookah? - Faced with this question almost everyone who wants to buy a habibi for yourself or a gift, but do not know what it will do. In this small article we will try to help you.
You must first decide for what purpose bought a hookah, here are some examples:
1. If the water pipe will be located only at home and need the maximum effect from smoking, then we recommend taking hookahs from Syria or hookahs Mya height of 80 cm
2. If it is assumed that the hookah is sometimes necessary to transport, then we recommend to take Mya hookahs in a case of 60 cm or Syrian hookahs to 80 cm with a professional bags.
3. For an active man, for that which you used a hookah was always with him and to withstand any extreme conditions, we recommend you to buy hookahs Mya with acrylic flasks (shatterproof), and if necessary, retrofitted his briefcase or bag.

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