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Thierry Jeannot

Mexico, Df, Mexico

Designer (Interior Design)

Member since June 13, 2007

  • trash ....trash... and buisness...

    Environment, Industrial Design


    I just come back from an area of Mexico City today and I was so impressed to see the conditions of working and living in places where people select bya hand used pet bottles , poliethilene ec... a baby was sleeping in a hammock with trash all around I go to thos places to buy materials for my projects..I m preparing an exhibition in Mexico City in September The buisyness is like this : Pet is sold by KG at a price of 0.25 USD per KG Its around 30 bottles..people collecting in the streets get 20 to 40 kg a day means 2.5 USD to 5 USD a day The trash deposit , outside the city is runned by Mafia..they own everything, people working and land... Welll...I was impressed to see and observe this...mountains of plastic and other materials...and the landscape around ...beautifull mountains around...countryside ..just a few Km from downtown Mexico city where I live

  • new in hthis i present myself

    Community, Industrial Design


    I m Thierry Jeannot , I am an artis and a designer working in crafts , design projects as a consultant , mostly in Latin America ( well, sometimes in Europe, Africa and Arabic countries) Actually I work in Mexico city with young people in situation of extreme poverty , living in the street with addiction problems. We work with used Pet bottles from the trash of downt town Mexico City and design Lighting and accessories..I used to work in Fashion Haute couture in the 90ยด...It has been a challenge for me...I discover that i can be as creative and professional working in those conditions.. I hope i will share more with people about new way of seeing and living design those future years

Artist ,designer and consultant ...

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  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Audio/Visual Design