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Kate Andrews

London, United Kingdom

Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since June 13, 2007

  • Dott 07 Manual

    Environment, Communication Design


    In this months Doors of Perception Report, John Thackara offers some sample spreads of the Dott 07 Manual. The Manual explores two questions: "What could life in a sustainable region be like?" and, "how can design can help us get there?" Certainly worth a look.

    Thackara is currently programme programme director of Designs of the Times aka. Dott 07 in England, and commissioner of an event called Tools for Survival at the St Etienne Design Biennial in France, in November.

  • The Future of Design Ethics

    Communication, Communication Design


    Good Afternoon Design21,

    I wanted to post a little request this weekend. Having graduated a few years ago (with a First Class Honours in Graphic Design), and having worked as a designer/researcher ever since, I am currently looking for paid work or design placements in a socially/ethically focused design studio. There is a lot of information about me and the work I have done/been involved in on my website, and on my D21 profile too.

    I am able to work in London, and/or on the UK south-coast, as I am often based in Bournemouth. I am always open for international clients too - happy to work via the internet.

    If there are any studio's that are interested in a junior designer with bags and bags of ethical and social energy, please please get in touch!

    Thank you!

    Kate Andrews. BA(Hons). MISTD.

  • The Science of Survival: Your Planet Needs You!

    Environment, Environmental Design


    The Science of… team are back with this years latest interactive exhibition, The Science of Survival: Your Planet Needs You!

    At London's Science Museum, The Science of Survival: Your Planet Needs You! exhibition is "set to be one of the most exciting and thought provoking family attractions of the year exploring how we will survive on a changing planet. In this fun, hands-on exhibition, the adults of today and tomorrow can explore how their lives and others could be affected by changing climate and resources, and get a glimpse of how we might live in 2050."

    So if your in the UK capital between April 05 - November 02, head down to the Science Museum and see if you can find solutions to current challenges and create a better 2050!

  • Are you a “Good Designer”?

    Communication, Communication Design


    Amidst the feline army, I curled up on the sofa this afternoon, to finally finish reading Lucienne Roberts' publication GOOD: An Introduction to Ethics in Graphic Design, 2006.

    An interesting read that presents a selection of opinions, from Ken Garland, Simon Eterson, Thomas Matthews, Deborah Szebeko of the magnificent ThinkPublic, Sheila Levrant de Bretteville and Pat Kahn to Daniel Eatock.

    Truthfully, I was particularly taken by the inside front cover [of all things] - which captures an extensive collection of books and CDs, that [I can only imagine] are a selection of resources Roberts used as research for the discussion. Admittedly, to me, this image was the most personal visual used in the book - an authors touch that visually frames an introduction to the complex subject that is design ethics and [creative] social responsibility.

    Starting at the beginning of 'Early Civilisation' (p.21), Roberts takes the discussion through History, Philosophy (p.34), Law (p.44) and Politics (p.58), to a series of discussions with a collection of credible designers (p.113-192) - ultimately questioning what it means to be a "good designer". I was taken by Paula Scher's response, to which she responded: "I don't understand how the word good is used here. Am I a well-behaved Graphic Designer? Am I socially conscious designer?"

    For all designers interested in their work being more ethically or socially responsible, this introductory text offers plentiful food for tho...

  • Tipping Point or Turning Point?

    Environment, Communication Design


    In the face of a dangerous climatic tipping point, we stand on the verge of a behavioural turning point? Or do we?

    Downing and Ballantyne's 2007 report, entitled Tipping Point or Turning Point is a worthy read into the reality of ethical consumer attitudes and their resistant behaviours to embrace more sustainable lifestyles.

    In the high street consumer are confronted with more and more sustainable choices – HSBC is suddenly a green bank; Marks and Spencer’s has its Plan A; Ikea doesn’t give free plastic bags. At the ballot box David Cameron wants the public to “Vote Blue: Go Green”. Arnold Schwarzenegger has traded movie stardom with investigating the US’s flagship low carbon policy, while Al Gore, when not directing Oscar-winning documentaries on climate change, is organising global rock concerts.

    Maybe we’ve made it then. Scientists are at a virtual consensus. NGOs convinced, politicians persuaded, and business on board. Surely then, the debate is over. In the face of a dangerous climatic tipping point, we stand on the verge of a behavioural turning point? Or do we?

    According to recent MORI results into consumer attitudes to Climate Change, ‘irrespective of cause’, 88% of the public believe that the climate is changing, however, only 46% believe human activity is the primary cause. The report is a valuable read, with plenty of reality checks into the ethical attitude-behaviour gap, occurring amongst UK consumers.

    Download the pdf report here.

  • BANISH the Plastic Bag!

    Environment, Environmental Design


    On 13 March 2008, the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling, announced the 2008 Budget, which says it includes "[...] measures aimed at tackling climate change."

    However, it is interesting to note how the greenness of the budget is being widely criticised. In response to Darling’s Budget, the Green Party’s Caroline Lucas described it as a:

    […] criminal wasted opportunity to set the country on the path towards a more sustainable future [...] Instead of seizing the opportunity to reshape our economy to deal with the serious threat of climate change, Alistair Darling used his much-awaited first Budget to set out a weak and flimsy agenda, which brought new definition to the word “greenwash".

    Initially, encouraged that the government is a least listening to the public acknowledgment, that action needs to be taken to tackle climate change, however it was shocking to realise how small a step has been taken to eradicate plastic bags. One of the budget actions, to [potentially] charge for plastic carrier bags, IF retailers fail to take 'enough' (?) voluntary action to reduce their use, by next year… is ridiculous. Firstly, by focusing the public attention to the potential cost (one of those many purchasing decision-makers) of plastic bags, in my eyes completely undermines the global challenge that is climate change, blinding them to see problems caused by aviation and the like. As Lucas quite rightly argued, surely the Chancellor should be focus...

  • The Attitude-Behaviour Gap of Ethical Consumption

    Environment, Communication Design


    Dear All,

    On behalf of my younger brother, I am writing to you all D21 members to ask for your opinions. My brother, Nicholas Andrews, is a final year undergraduate studying BA(Hons) Business Studies at Bournemouth University (UK). He is currently undertaking an extensive study into Greening Consumer Attitudes and Behaviours for the purpose of his degree dissertation, entitled:

    The Changing Ethical Attitude and Resistant Behaviour of Consumers to Embrace a Greener Lifestyle.

    If anyone would be kind enough to take a moment to answer the following questions it would be most appreciated for the purpose of the research:

    • 1). Is a green lifestyle affordable? Please explain...
    • 2). To what extent are consumers aware of how to live a greener lifestyle?
    • 3). Is there too much information about Climate Change and not enough education?
    • 4). Are/Why do consumers resist greening their lifestyles and purchase behaviour?

    If you could answer these questions, it would be very much appreciated! If you would be happy to get in touch directly, please email Nicholas at

    Thank you for your time!

    Kate Andrews UK Editor,

  • We All Walk in Different Shoes

    Community, Fashion Design


    We All Walk in Different Shoes is a great campaign from Kenneth Cole, which celebrates '25 years of non-uniform thinkers.'

    "Appearance can be a defining characteristic for us all but it's the ability to think differently that really makes a difference."

    Via. Awearness

  • The AWEARNESS Blog

    Communication, Communication Design


    The AWEARNESS Blog provides daily updates under four socially-aware pillars of discussion: Social Rights, Well-Being, Political Landscape and Hard Times.

    "This blog hopes to raise awareness around the issues that fall under these four areas in a dynamic and engaging format. In addition to regularly updated news and commentary under these topics, the blog also includes Q&As, original content from Kenneth Cole himself and contributions from staff members of Kenneth Cole Productions."

    Via. DesignNotes.

  • Plan B: Noah’s ark of seeds

    Environment, Industrial Design


    Ever wondered what will happen if we fail to prevent Climate Change? Read this article and watch the video of the real Plan B, from the Guardian.

    February 26 2008: An ambitious project to safeguard the world’s future food supplies was inaugurated today. The £1.7m “Noah’s ark of seeds” near the town of Longyearbyen, in Norway's remote Svalbard islands, will protect the 2m seeds that represent the world’s agricultural biodiversity against threats such as nuclear war, asteroid impact, terrorist attack, climate change and rising sea levels.

“The best way to predict the future is to design it.” - Buckminster Fuller

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