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Kate Andrews

London, United Kingdom

Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since June 13, 2007

  • Oxfam 'Be Humankind' ad

    Communication, Communication Design

    I have just seen the latest television commercial from Oxfam. The charity's new TV ad, created by ad agency RKCR, underlines the range of global issues on which it campaigns.

  • Design Conferences = Overblown and Conceptually Thin

    Communication, Communication Design


    Ever since Jody Boehnert forwarded me a link to Rick Poynor's recent critique of Design Conferences (for <a href="">Creative Review</a>), I have not stopped thinking about the discussion. This is a very topical critique and a highly recommended read for D21 readers.

    Admittedly, the celebrity culture that has developed in the design industry is not something I have followed since being a student, however I am quite shocked at some monochrome responses that have appeared after the article. It would seem apparent there is a certain dichotomy of designers around today, as one respondent comments:

    When I read these comments it becomes clear to me the great spectrum that exists in the design world. Splashing around in the shallow end are those that play at making things pretty. And far on the other side there are those that are actually engaging in this great human process called communication.

    As Poynor explains, many conferences have become a form of exhibition, a showcase of "famous" design work, however we must consider that students will forever love the opportunity to meet/see/admire their favourite designers (and there is nothing wrong with admiring your idols).

    As we develop into professionals however, there is certainly more to learn and think about than “new tricks and computer skills”. If everyone just learns how to recreate the same thing, designers will evolve into nothing but another form of t...

  • Green. Who Cares?

    Environment, Communication Design


    London based Composite Projects compiled this great report on green consumer behaviour and green branding.

    Including articles from contributing environmental companies, it offers a real way for us to approach green businesses. The design integrated the packaging into the cover and used only recycled materials and eco friendly printing. Great work and agency!

    - Composite Projects

  • The Museum of Nature

    Environment, Audio/Visual Design


    I recently came across the great work of Finnish photographer Ilkka Halso. His recent photographic series the 'Museum of Nature' wonderfully challenges the natural environment from its current state into a future world where it is something we have to visit to experience.

    The collection of compelling images pictures a series of man-made structures that enclose nature, protecting it from pollution. Using images of nature and 3D digital manipulation, this photographic collection captures a future vision of nature as a museum display. Challenging the audience's interaction with the endangered artifact of the natural environment, Halso manages to truly visualise a future we so desperately do not want to see a reality.

    This is a thoroughly engaging project, that although I appreciate BLDGBLOG's suggestion as to how appropriate these images would be as illustrations to a form of eco-catastrophic novel. I feel personally these images could stand-alone in any city or urban environment to remind us how precious our natural environment is truly becoming.

  • Interview: Deborah Szebeko

    Community, Communication Design


    I have just listened to an interesting interview with Think Public's Deborah Szebeko, via Wodcast.

    Szebeko opens the discussion to talk through her definition of "Public Service Design". She continues to discuss Think Public's recent project "The Real Work Experience" - which I am ever more inspired by having (like many of those involved) left my BA degree in Graphic Design a bit lost at how to vehicle my work/skills/education toward positive change, rather than choosing a career path toward the more typical designer routes of advertising, for example. Szebeko further explains her motivation for starting Think Public and the Real Work Experience to have been driven from a frustration that designers have so little awareness as to where they can use their communication skills to design for greater good. Worth taking 12 mins to listen to the interview if you haven't come across Szebeko's work yet.

    - Wodcast_thinkpublic.mp3

  • TCT at The Royal Albert Hall.

    Aid, Communication Design


    Previously unreleased footage from the legendary TCT at The Royal Albert Hall will be available on DVD from 14th April 2008.

    Packed with performances that capture the spirit of this unique event, including one-off collaborations between Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller and Razorlight and The Who’s Roger Daltrey, the DVD will be available from the Teenage Cancer Trust website immediately at a special preview price. All profits from the sale of the DVD will go to Teenage Cancer Trust, helping them to continue to build specialist teenage cancer units within the NHS for young people with cancer.

    Filmed live at London’s spectacular Royal Albert Hall, artists featured in the DVD include The Who, Noel Gallagher, Paul Weller, The Cure, Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs, Razorlight, Bloc Party and Judas Priest.

    What a great contemporary design for such a great purpose!

    - TCT at The Royal Albert Hall.

  • Don't Abandon Your Morals For Money

    Communication, Communication Design


    The third great poster I found this morning comes from MFA Graphic Designer at SVA in New York and Central Saint Martins graduate, Steve Haslip.

    "This poster was made during my first semester class with the exceedingly wise Milton Glaser. The issue at hand was dealing with design ethics, and in an attempt to tackle the subject and further pitch my point I drew the entire image using a single line."

  • Water Poster, by Chris Jarvis

    Environment, Communication Design


    This poster by 23 yr old UK designer Alex Jarvis explains the advantages of drinking tap water as opposed to buying bottled water. Great work.

  • Chris Thompson

    Communication, Communication Design


    Really great portfolio of socially responsible communication design, from Glasgow graduate Chris Thompson.

    Via. The Serif.

  • Building on the Green Agenda

    Environment, Industrial Design


    Great TED talk from Norman Foster, Building on the Green Agenda.

    Recorded at the DLD Conference, Munich, Architect Norman Foster discusses his own work to show how computers can help architects design buildings that are green, beautiful and "basically pollution-free." He shares projects from throughout his career, from the pioneering roof-gardened Willis Building (1975) to the London Gherkin (2004). He also comments on two upcoming megaprojects: a pipe to bring water from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea, and the new Beijing airport.

    The DLD (Digital Life Design) Conference, in Munich, Germany, is hosted by publisher Hubert Burda and Israeli investor Yossi Vardi, covering digital innovation, media and design.

“The best way to predict the future is to design it.” - Buckminster Fuller

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