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Kate Andrews

London, United Kingdom

Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since June 13, 2007

  • Lara Holmes & Photogoism

    Well-being, Communication Design


    I must write a post today, speaking of a new photographic talent I have had the pleasure of meeting, her name, <a href="">Lara Holmes</a>. <br><br> The above images are examples from Lara's 2006 degree Major Project commission from PHOTOGOISM (Photojournalism in Cambodia), where she travelled to Cambodia, researching and photographing Human Trafficking, Disability & Poverty in Cambodia. Working with various NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations) in Cambodia, including International Organization for Migration (IOM), United Nations Inter-agency Project on Human Trafficking in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (UNIAP), Disability Development Services for Pursat (DDSP), Healthcare Centre for Children (HCC), Starfish Project, Sihanoukville. <br><br> Lara ever continues her work across the UK (mainly London based), focused on image centric research and photographic commissions. I see Lara as a photojournalist talent we should all aspire to.

  • Plan A. There is no Plan B.

    Environment, Communication Design


    Fantastic campaign, designed by <a href="">Vince Frost</a> and one of the first 'green' ideas that has really made me stop. <a href="">Plan A</a> is the five-year plan launched by Marks & Spencer.

    "Five years. Five commitments. One world. And 100 things we want to change." Marks and Spencer, 2007.

    The 100-point plan means that by 2012 M&S will:

      • become carbon neutral
      • send no waste to landfill
      • extend sustainable sourcing
      • set new standards in ethical trading
      • help customers and employees live a healthier lifestyle (read more about the <a href="">five pledges</a>).

    M&S stated; 'Plan A is a 100-point plan to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our business and our world. It will see us working with our customers and our suppliers to combat climate change, reduce waste, safeguard natural resources, trade ethically and build a healthier nation. We're doing this because it's what you want us to do. It's also the right thing to do. We're calling it Plan A because we believe it's now the only way to do business. There is no Plan B.'

  • Howtobegreener_177_

    Amazing. I was wondering through Marylebone Station in April this year, on my way home from a long day. I am thinking "green" when I spot the front cover of April Edition of <a href="">Creative Review</a> (Vol.27, No.4). 'The "It's about time we did something about sustainability and the environment" Issue'. <a href="">Creative Review</a> is quoted to have a carbon footprint the 'equivalent to 1.17 tonnes per month'. Stunning concept for a design magazine I usually flick through in the newsagents, but had stopped purchasing over other leading creative publications (shame on me). The cover of the magazine, well "not the cover" is conceptually brilliant - the magazine this month comes in a polythene bag with the words 'RECYCLE ME" on them. Simple, and stunning. <br><br> "Producing a magazine doesn't seem particularly, er environmentally friendly... Fair comment - though we've made a few changes in the way we've produced this issue. There's no cover which saved 8,700 sheets of SRA1 paper, enough to cover half a football pitch. Pages 3, 4, 41-44, 83 and 84 are all printed on Cyclus, a paper made from 100% post-consumer waste, The subs cards and photographers cards are printed on remnant stock. We've been on something of a learning curve. Our text stock is PEFC certified and, our supplier assures us, comes from well-managed...

  • RE*Generation

    Poverty, Communication Design


    Virgin Mobile USA, together with Virgin's charitable arm Virgin Unite, is helping a generation to help its own. The <a href="">RE*Generation</a> is a movement to connect at-risk youth - homeless, in poverty, without resources - with young people who want to help and make a difference through a partnership with innovative non-profits. <br><br> But the <a href="">RE-Generation</a> doesn't play favorites. We invite concerned individuals of all ages and backgrounds to donate, volunteer and get involved. Through your support of The RE-Generation Gallery, you are not only helping at-risk youth, you are helping a generation to help its own. <br><br> For more information, visit The <a href="">RE*Generation</a> , <a href="">YouthNoise</a> and <a href="">StandUpForKids</a> web sites.

  • Youth Noise

    Community, Communication Design


    Definately worth having a look at <a href="">Youth Noise</a>. "Giving youth voices to make a stand in a Global Culture." An inspiring website network full of key social design issues and responses to them from the voices of our future leaders.


    Well-being, Communication Design


    Designed by <a href="">myself</a>, and constructed by <a href="">Rich Hurst</a>, <a href=""></a> went live last month. <br><br> Inspired by Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology and excited by the positive impact that emotional intelligence can have on the health and well-being of children, parents, teachers and friends alike, <a href=""></a> aims to positively promote emotional intelligence comprehension more widely through the media and through our its own training and consultancy. <br><br> With huge thanks to all involved, director Tessy Britton, all our leading inspirational figures, our educational/creativity institutions for your flawless patience. This is the beginning of <a href=""></a>, and day one of our positive and vibrant future.

  • IC-ED

    Education, Communication Design


    For a future of creativity and curriculum, <a href="">IC-ED</a> is sure to become the leading educational consultancy worldwide, participating in the ever more apparant need for a creative reform of education. <br><br> Founded by <a href="">Richard Gerver</a>, <a href="">IC-ED</a> is the world's most forward thinking education organisation, committed to the development of personal solutions for education settings worldwide. <a href="">IC-ED</a> is the world's first and only educational consultancy dedicated to providing individual support, advice and design of future systems, curriculum approaches and training opportunities. <br><br> <a href="">Richard Gerver</a> is currently Headteacher of <a href="">The Grange Primary School</a> in Long Eaton. Richard has given speeches all over the world including sessions for <a href="">UNESCO</a> and the Chinese Government. His talks range from the concepts of innovation and creativity, the links between education and industry, 21st century learning and leadership and managemen...

  • Young Design Centre @ Somerset House

    Education, Communication Design


    <a href="">The Sorrell Foundation</a> <a href="">Young Design Centre</a> has opened at <a href="">Somerset House</a> this Spring. The centre is designed to highlight the wants and needs of young people from the designers of their schools. <br><br> It will also encourage local authorities to engage with the foundation’s body of work established over the past seven years, including its <a href="">Joinedupdesignforschools</a> programme. Backed by the <a href="">Department for Education and Skills</a>, the centre will host exhibitions, run workshops and establish a research centre and archive on site. <br><br> The Centre will include an exciting new interactive exhibition to explore what's next for schools in Britain, and to inspire everyone involved in renewing school environments. The Foundation's joinedupdesignforschools exhibition will describe what happens when you give young people a say in the way their school is designed. Over the past seven years, design consultants have worked for pupil client teams on design projects to improve the quality of life in their schools. The exhibition shows the process, and examples of the common issues that pu...

  • Graphic Designers United to help Climate Change

    Environment, Communication Design


    Online organisation <a href="">Design Can Change</a> begins with a simple statement: "Graphic Designers United to help Climate Change". <br><br> See the <a href="">smashLAB</a> initiative <a href="">Design Can Change</a> and do note the <a href="">Design Can Change Forum</a> for public discussions. <br><br> A powerful site and wonderful imagery with a united underlying cause.

  • JoinedUpDesignForSchools

    Education, Communication Design


    For anyone who has not stumbled on <a href="">The Sorrell Foundation</a> project, this blog is intended to give a brief insight to a throughly innovative project. With the likes of <a href=" ">Future Lab's Blog: FLUX</a>, <a href="">School-Works</a> School Identity workshops as merely two examples of design's impact on educational reform, the 'Joined Up Design For Schools' project exemplifies this impact to the highest potential. The benefit of design and educational collaboration should be noted by all. <br><br> Truly illustrating how a designer's mindset (or one of a productive creative), can influence educational reform for the future. With an ability to see something as a blank canvas designers will listen to their clients 'wants', 'needs', 'musts', and 'if onlys' to then imagine and produce a new environment, product, system, mentality or mindset. <br><br> John and Frances Sorrell of The Sorrell Foundation set up the <i>JoinedUpDesignForSchools</i> project 'that explores how good design can improve the quality of life in schools by listening to the voices of the consumers.' By inspiring the pupils by asking what <i>they</i> really wanted from their schools, the project is a fantastic insight to what is going wrong with educational refo...

“The best way to predict the future is to design it.” - Buckminster Fuller

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