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Kate Andrews

London, United Kingdom

Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since June 13, 2007

  • 1970902770_38d47e1b3f_177_

    Simon Berry is the founder of ColaLife, a campaign that is trying to get Coca-Cola to use its distribution channels to help save lives in developing countries. For over 10 months, Berry has been using the convening power of the Internet to rally people all over the world to lend their support and skills to a campaign that could change the way multinational businesses engage with developing countries.

    Before ColaLife, Berry had spent 12 years living and working in developing countries on the British aid program. He later worked as Chief Executive of rural regeneration charity ruralnet|uk, which he founded in 2002 to help rural communities improve and strengthen their local economies. More recently, Berry worked at Defra (the UK Government’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) on the implementation of Defra's Third Sector Strategy and Greener Living Fund.

    Following his recent activity blogging at the G20 Summit in London (he was one of 50 international bloggers invited to the event), Berry spoke to Kate Andrews about ColaLife and his progress harnessing the distribution channel of the world’s best known brand.


    What is ColaLife?

    Simon Berry ColaLife is a simple campaign – asking Coca-Cola to use its incredible distribution capacity to get medicines, such as oral rehydration salts and high-dose Vitamin A tablets, to dying children in developing countries. We are currently in a prototyping phase where we are developing the ColaLife ‘aidpod’, a m...

  • Kept - Things Don't Have to Be Rubbish!

    Environment, Communication Design


    Founded by More Associates Director Luke Nicholson, Kept is a new movement celebrating the "stuff" that can be kept in the world, stuff that isn't rubbish.

    To get involved, Kept is asking you to tell your stories and share what "things" you have, that you are not throwing away :) Either submit your stories into the box on or if you use twitter just add #kept to your tweet!

    You can follow the project news on Twitter and please join the project on Facebook where you can ask questions and share news and insights!

  • Tie Me To Your Favourite Thing!

    Community, Communication Design


    If you had to tie a red balloon to your favourite thing, what would you tie it to?

    As part of her undergraduate project Douceurs, post graduate service designer Lauren Currie (a.k.a RedJotter), took a dozen red balloons to a park in Edinburgh, and to encourage traditional communication between the public asked people she met to tie them to their favourite thing. Lauren captured the afternoon in this beautiful film!!!

    Originally posted on Thriving Too

  • The Affluenza Exhibition

    Well-being, Audio/Visual Design


    In collaboration with the Samaritans, talented photographer Hege Sæbjørnsen is organising 'Affluenza'... THE exhibition.

    With an aim to promote "creative self-expression as a powerful tool to develop an understanding of ourselves and the world around us", an exhibition of works from over thirty international multidisciplinary visual and performing artists, "...aims to inspire an open debate about the destructive impact of consumer values on our emotional well-being and our integrity as human beings."

    The call for artists has been launched, and entries will be selected by a prominent panel of judges, including Jonathan Barnbrook, 'Affluenza' author Oliver James and the Design Museum's Michael Czerwinski.

    The deadline for submissions is 30th January 2009 and the events are scheduled to begin in March. For full details about the project visit, and you can also join the exhibition's group on Facebook.

    Original Post

  • Because Studio

    Communication, Communication Design


    Proving that an ethical design career does not mean hindering creative professionalism, Loz Ives' Because Studio is one to watch!

  • Silk-logo_1_177_

    On Tuesday the UK Design Museum announced the nominations for the 2009 Brit Insurance Design of the Year award, including a nomination for the first EVER service design project to be included in the awards – The Social Innovation Lab for Kent (SILK), by Engine.

    SILK is a project and a platform Engine have been developing with Kent County Council (a local government authority in the UK) that helps users and providers of public services create better services together using design tools and processes.

    Read the full story at Engine and see a video here.

  • UK Environmental Book Design of 2008

    Environment, Communication Design


    Last weekend The Green Marketing Manifesto by John Grant was announced winner of the Environmental Award at the 2008 British Book Design and Production Awards. Designed and delivered by sustainable innovation practice More Associates, the hardback book reflects its content by reducing its embodied carbon and waste impact through its production methods.

    John Grant is author of four books on new marketing and was a former co-founder of St Luke's, a socially aware ad agency. He now operates as an independent consultant and recent clients include the BBC, Cisco, IKEA, innocent drinks, Microsoft and Unilever.

    In a blog entry, John notably highlights that books remain a relatively carbon inefficient way of spreading knowledge. However, as Luke Nicholson of More Associates explains "'s important to remember the impact of the lifespan of the text. If writers like John can create books that will be kept for decades by their readers, then the paper is used hundreds of times more efficiently than most of our print material."

    Congratulations go to John Grant, More Associates, to TJ International who produced the book, and to publishers Wiley.

    Via. More Associates blog.

  • Future Presents

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    With Christmas just around the corner, it is time not only to think about your presents but also how you wrap them!

    In the UK alone, we use more than 8,000 tones of wrapping paper every year for our Christmas presents!! In a bid to challenge this problem, London based agency Represent have challenged the design community to develop innovative and eco-friendly solutions to the problem, by designing sustainable and totally tape-free ways to wrap a Christmas gift. Introducing Future Present!

    Twenty best ideas have been selected and are appearing daily on the Represent website and in the studio's ‘advent’ window throughout the month!. This is a great concept and an important consideration this christmas. So, what will you use to wrap your gifts!?

  • ZUMOS textile products

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design


    Earlier this week I visited Oslo's Design and Architecture Centre DogA and met with Karsten Gjefle of NorksForm and non-profit Design Without Borders. During our meeting he showed me some beautiful products from ZUMOS.

    ZUMOS is a team of Maya Tz’utuhil weavers from San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala, who have been working with norwegian designer Heidi Strøm, creating innovative textile products.

    The collection contains low volumes of unique, handmade pieces, carefully controlled to ensure high quality, exclusive designs. A collection of tablerunners, ties, scarfs and document/laptop cases will soon be on sale in Norway.

    ‘Zumos’ translates to mean the qualities of strength, essence, vigour and vitality inherent, in this case, in the pieces and the women who create them. In supporting Zumos you serve to economically empower the women directly by providing them with a fair income.


  • The Guardian and IDEO "Inspire and Innovate"

    Communication, Communication Design


    In collaboration with IDEO, The Guardian newspaper have launched Inspire and Innovate, a column focused on innovative thinking and innovation.

    This exciting partnership and its discourse is evident of how creative processes, thinking and methods are valuable to social and economic arenas.

“The best way to predict the future is to design it.” - Buckminster Fuller

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