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Kate Andrews

London, United Kingdom

Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since June 13, 2007

  • The blinding glimpse of the bleeding obvious.

    Communication, Communication Design

    Just watched a really interesting TED Talk, Design is in the details (2005), with IDEO Creative Director Paul Bennett.

    Watch the video here.

    By showcasing a series of unusual and playful products Bennett ilustrates the importance of recognising how the small things we do as people, creative and influence design solutions. Sounds simple when someone from IDEO teaches us how doesn't it!

  • Political Graphics

    Communication, Communication Design


    Just came across an interesting collection of new politically focused graphics from the Los Angeles based Centre of Political Graphics.

    Image: Women in Prison, Scott Boylston, Savannah, GA. Silkscreen, 2006

  • POKE Gets on Board!

    Environment, Communication Design


    During November 2007, WWF and Poke joined forces to create interest and noise around the climate change bill. Ultimately driving people to lobby their MP to push for a stronger climate change bill.

    The result: an impressive paper and bamboo boat and plane, plastered in signatures, that grabbed the attention of the media, members of parliament and the public when they were installed on London’s South Bank.

  • Climate Change: Everyone's Business

    Environment, Environmental Design


    British businesses are committed to do what it takes to tackle climate change but the UK effort will only succeed if it becomes an urgent, shared national priority for companies, consumers and the government" a groundbreaking new report published last month stated. The report entitled "Climate Change: Everyone's Business", was published by The CBI Climate Change Task Force in November.

    For the first time, senior representatives from every major sector of British business have come together to assess the challenges posed by climate change and to identify the actions necessary to tackle them. The CBI Climate Change Task Force report is the culmination of ten months' intensive work by 18 Chairmen and Chief Executives from some of the UK’s biggest companies, under the independent chairmanship of BT Chief Executive Ben Verwaayen.

    Analysis developed specifically for the report by consultants McKinsey shows the UK's carbon reduction targets for 2020 are likely to be missed but that 2050 goals, whilst stretching, can be achieved at a manageable cost - provided a greater sense of urgency is now adopted. It identifies priority areas for action that would put the UK back on track to meet its targets by 2030. Today’s report explains how business will play its part, and commits the CBI to continue to play a leading role, both nationally and internationally.

    The report says that firms will have fundamentally to change their business models to meet consumers’ and socie...

  • Change the Margins

    Environment, Communication Design


    US website is calling for printer owners everywhere to take the simple step of, well, changing their margins from the current luxurious standard 1.25 inches to a the more modest .75 inches.

    It may sound like a small change, but if everyone in the nation did it, we’d save a little less than a Rhode Island’s worth of trees every year.


    • In prehistoric times, 60% of the earth's surface was covered by forests, today that amount has been reduced by 30% and is still shrinking.
    • It takes 17 pulpwood market-sized trees and 390 gallons of oil to make a ton of paper
    • That ton of paper, when disposed of, takes up nearly 8 cubic feet of public landfill space.
    • That public landfill is approximately 36% waste paper products.
    • Each one million pages of paper not printed saves 85 pulp trees.

    Via. Good Magazine

  • Green Business and Ethical Reputation

    Environment, Environmental Design


    The London Business Forum, presents: Green Business: How companies can profit from customer demands for greener products. A morning with Karen Fraser, founder of the The Ethical Reputation Index. The event will be held on Wednesday 20 February 2008, 9:30 am - 12:00 pm.

    So, who really cares about green issues - and are customers willing to put their money where their mouth is? Green has been the topic of the past year. We read so much about the 'greening of the consumer', the rise of the ethical consumer, even that 'green is the new black', yet it is questionable whether there is as great a change as journalists might want us to believe. Nonetheless, the focus on ethical and environmental change raises a number of questions that businesses must answer in order to stay competitive:

    • Is it enough to be 'seen to be green', or does it need a change in approach to business?
    • How do companies meet the challenge of higher public expectations while creating value for shareholders?
    • Where is the greatest risk for companies and what should companies do to minimize risk?
    • Is there money in green - and if so, where is it?
    • What is the key to Marks and Spencer's success - and what lessons can companies learn from their example?

    Karen Fraser, founder of the Ethical Reputation Index and advisor to clients including Co-operative Bank and Body Shop, will use her expertise to answer these questions and tell you what your organisation can do to change the way your company is seen by shareholders...

  • Jonathan Harris' Whale Hunt

    Communication, Audio/Visual Design


    For seven straight days, Jonathan Harris took at least one photograph every five minutes on an Alaskan Whale Hunt. In the process, he may have reinvented how we tell stories. Magnificent.

  • OPX Point of View [Vol.1]

    Environment, Communication Design


    Point is an online/printed publication published by Communication Design studio OPX London.

    Vol. 01 looks at sustainability and how different types of organisation are dealing with this from a communications and brand perspective. Great to see some top names bringing these social and ethical issues to the industry table.

  • Marks & Spencer to Receive 2008 WEC Gold Medal

    Environment, Industrial Design


    The World Environment Center's (WEC) Twenty-Fourth Annual Gold Medal for International Corporate Achievement in Sustainable Development has been awarded to Marks & Spencer for linking sustainability extensively with its supply chain, operations, and customers.

    Marks & Spencer’s Signature Contribution, known as Plan A, was cited by the independent international Gold Medal Jury as an extraordinary and successful model of sustainability practice.

    Following the success of their 2005, Look behind the label fairtrade campaign, leading UK retailer, Marks and Spencer launched a £200m ethical campaign in 2006, entitled Plan A. The 100-point, five year sustainable development program, covers all aspects of Marks & Spencer’s business. Through it, the UK retailer aims to become carbon neutral and send no waste to landfill from its own operations; extend sustainable sourcing; set new standards in ethical trading and help its customers and employees live a healthier lifestyle.

    Stuart Rose, Chief Executive, Marks & Spencer said: We are delighted to receive this prestigious award. Our customers, shareholders and employees have also embraced our Plan A ambitions, and it’s now how we do business. While we still have a long way to go and face many more challenges ahead, we are making good progress and this recognition will provide even more motivation for our teams as we continue to deliver our plan.

    The WEC Gold Medal Award will be presented to Marks & Spencer ...

  • Don't Shoot Me Santa (RED)

    Well-being, Audio/Visual Design


    The Killers have released their new Christmas single "Don't Shoot Me Santa", with 100% of the proceeds to benefit Global Fund RED, for investment in African AIDS programs. Just, amazing. Buy it!

“The best way to predict the future is to design it.” - Buckminster Fuller

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