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Kate Andrews

London, United Kingdom

Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since June 13, 2007

  • greengaged 09: Design for Life: Barriers to Behaviour Change

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Greengaged: Monday 21st September 2009:

    Design for Life: Barriers to Behaviour Change; Curated by Ed Gillespie, founder of Futerra and slow travel expert.

    Environmentally speaking, we’re in a bit of a mess, and we sort of know what we have to do: use less stuff whether it’s energy, materials or chemicals, cut carbon, relocalise and do things like trade in fairer ways. But we don’t. Ed Gillespie curates a day when we ask why is change happening so slowly, and what are the barriers, both behaviourally and in the context of design. This will be a day of challenges, questions and opportunities around the role of design in what we wear, what we eat, where we live and how we get around; food, fashion, homes and travel...provocative speakers, lively interactive debate and clothes-swapping: what more could you ask for?! The whole day will be hosted in partnership with the Talkaoke Wheel of Spiel, with live visualisation from The People Speak webjockeys (No singing. No punch-ups).

    Breakfast Panel: 8.30 -10am Is it design’s job to save the world? A rousing debate to kick-off! Our panel of experts will offer their views on the potential for design in delivering change. Our diverse group are sure to bring a range of perspectives to the Talkaoke table and audience contributions will be actively encouraged.

    Confirmed speakers:

    Morning Session: 10.30 – 1pm (with coffee break) The ‘Nice to have’s – Dressing up & getting around’: With creative contributions from Junky Styling (recycling), Worn Again (upcycling) the Uniform Project (reinvention), Overland Heaven and the Green Traveller this panel will be exploring “What does or could sustainable fashion and travel look like? What are the barriers to behaviour change? How can design help to overcome these?”

    Confirmed speakers:

    Lunchtime: 1-2pm: Futerra’s Earthly Sins Confessional Booth will be absolving attendees of their environmental misdemeanours, alleviating guilt as a barrier to action, and unleashing a wave of righteous eco-goodness

    Afternoon Session: 2-4.30pm (with tea break): The ‘Essentials – Roofs over our heads and food in our bellies’: With challenging contributions from the Permaculture Association, Sustain, Better generation (micro-generation), DIY Kyoto (energy monitoring) this panel will be exploring “What does or could a sustainable food system and home look like? What are the barriers to change, in terms of infrastructure and behaviour? How can good design help to overcome these?”

    Confirmed speakers:

    Evening Event: Swishing! The first ever dual gender swish for boys and girls...with the Confessional Booth switching to taking fashion sins, the Talkaoke table getting us sharing our biggest fashion embarrassments and advice from the Uniform Project ladies on revamping your outfits, this promises to be a night to remember. So bring your old, spare clothes, accessories and shoes to swap and hopefully leave with something beautiful and new!

    Places are free, but limited so register your place for 'Design for Life: Barriers to Behaviour Change' now!

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“The best way to predict the future is to design it.” - Buckminster Fuller

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