Kate Andrews

London, United Kingdom

Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since June 13, 2007

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The Story of Stuff votes

Environment, Communication Design

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  • Patrick Robinson

    Patrick Robinson

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Designer (Graphic Design)

    Design is my super power that I wield for 'forces of good'.

  • Jacinto Salcedo

    Jacinto Salcedo

    Toronto, On, Canada

    Designer (Graphic Design)

    Freedom is the chance to choose what you want to be slave of

  • Teresa Villanueva

    Teresa Villanueva

    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Designer (Graphic Design)

    "Here and now is all we got" Karim Rashid

  • Oliver Kuy

    Oliver Kuy

    Pasig, NCR, Philippines

    Designer (Graphic Design)

    Express a Few Words