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Ben Arent

Chichester, United Kingdom

Product Design

Member since June 13, 2007

  • jive - social networking for your gran.

    Communication, Industrial Design


    A design project based on EU objective 2007.7.1 ICT and Ageing, this objective is to look at how we bridge the digital divide, especially with older users. The final product is a new device that is just dedicated to staying in touch and keeping up to date with you existing social network. (its not meant to be a computer, instead a device that makes using the internet as a means of communication a lot easier!)

    jive is a proof of concept for a new communication device. Jive was created as part of Ben Arent's product design degree. Jive is a range of 3 products that were designed to get elderly technophobes connected to their friends and family.

    jive negates 3 mayor point of pain, which is currently stopping elderly users getting connected.

    'getting online' one plug router solves this problem by being pre-loaded with ISP setting at POS. So set-up is a true plug and play experience.

    loading and sharing contact details jive uses friend passes to link a physical persons ID with digital life. A user simply links a friend pass to there friendfeed account. This will then take care of aggregating all of the data into a friend pass, so when a friend pass is placed onto betty there data will appear.

    No Mouse Needed To operate jive you simply place an avatar onto 'bettys' display. So if you want to send a message you just place betty on the left of the screen, and you can now send a message to that person. This uses a magnetic tangible interface to work.

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  • Energy Tree.

    Environment, Environmental Design


    For the 2007 Microsoft StartSomthing PC design competition I created a new device for monitoring energy use in the house. The Energy Tree monitors all devices in the home, and monitor recycling efficiently. This concept was picked as on of the 34 finalists.

    What is the Energy Tree?

    The EnergyTree is a device dedicated to monitoring your household energy use. It monitors you energy output from sockets and any device that is using electricity. It also monitors Recycling, and recycling efficiency as sustainable design is about "cradle to cradle" and not just about using less.

    The Energy Tree will have a user interface that will display information on you energy consumption letting you know what devices are draining and will give you the option to turn them off. As a long term interface the EnergyTree will grow a real tree from the EnergyTree, this will grow if you are energy efficient, but waste energy and it will start to get a disease and or die.

    Read all about it on my personal webiste

  • Too many compertions and not enought time.

    Community, Industrial Design

    I have recently rushed and just managed to enter two of the Design 21sdn competitions. I'm very happy for the delayed entry time. I was just putting this post out there as I feel that entering a design competition using only four 400x400px images and 300 words is limiting for a design.

    For me these competitions are more of a 'concept' competition. Most works of design or projects takes months to complete, yet the initial concept can be created in a flash the design is really in the details.

    I look forward to see who wins, and the quailty of the projects. My entry's were very rushed, and even entered some badly hand drawn diagrams. As I work 9-5, exercise, sleep and drink. How do dose everyone find time to enter these things!

    Good luck to anyone who entered.

    Ben Arent

making landfill meaningfull.

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Ben Arent

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