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Mumbai, All Regions, India

Senior Lecturer

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  • Dear Mam,

    Autocad.....and Catia (amongst the most advanced machinised architectural tools) could develop and re develop......but even if they are combined into one....they could not equal some of the most difficult architecture which homo sapiens have built......and tat also includes Brihadeshwarar Temple in India and temple of Athena....

    Technologies can make life liveable and organised. But they all can never compare with the urge of the human spirit to build wonders through bare hands and nature's involvements :-)

  • Hailing from Education industry, I have often interacted with colleagues from various profession - and specially among ones from Literature and Architecture. Both deal with Construction, Deconstruction, and Post Mordernism in different ways.

    As part of an intellectual jargon, we all agreed that the best way to promote and develop Architecture Education among Indian mode of education is that students at an early age in school (by 6th Grade) to be identified, who have 2 qualities in them....1) Great drawing skills, and 2) Above average mathematical skills. Such students to be provided with a specialised support course for architecture (covering geometry and drawing) in lieu of proper science subjects, while counselling them and their parents for it. And by the time they will be in 12th......they will be very strong in their approach for architecture education.

  • In response to Gender & Space, posted by Deepti Maithil Nagpal,
    in the thread Gender & Space

    Best way to enforce such disciplines in such places with intensive travel like railway station and even the compartments is to train and arm the women law enforcement officers and constables at such places. Think about it. Their presence at such places will automatically work for women empowerment among the passengers. And as a wont be the one to be offered 'more' room than the women... :)

  • Cant Agree More


    In response to Metro Work Mumbai, posted by Deepti Maithil Nagpal,
    in the thread Metro Work Mumbai

    A friend of mine informed me from Bangalore how introducing Metro in Bangalore has already started robbing the city of its beauty and splendour. Lots of gardens and hundreds of trees have been felled. Unmentionable traffic problems have been caused. Worst part is....architecturally, flaws were found that could not gotten to be agreed with the actual requirement!

    I dont think Metro could be an answer for our Mumbai. and again to establish a smoother and better infrastructure coordination, honest civil authorities are required. And I dont think honesty in civil authorities exist anymore. I m pained.

  • Great architectures in the world, which depicts power, building designs, and wealth, also have other side of truth. Kedar mentioned above how Antilla would soon be a major land mark in Mumbai, equalling Taj Mahal. But the fact being the foundation of such places through non moral means.....for example: Taj Mahal's labourers had their thumbs chopped; and Mukesh Ambani aquired Muslim Wakf Board's land for school in highly subsidized rates.....

    Like somebody very old used to tell me....beautiful architectures also smell of human blood of oppression.....