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Mumbai, All Regions, India

Senior Lecturer

Member since August 06, 2011

  • A Powerfully Suggestive Solution....


    Hailing from Education industry, I have often interacted with colleagues from various profession - and specially among ones from Literature and Architecture. Both deal with Construction, Deconstruction, and Post Mordernism in different ways.

    As part of an intellectual jargon, we all agreed that the best way to promote and develop Architecture Education among Indian mode of education is that students at an early age in school (by 6th Grade) to be identified, who have 2 qualities in them....1) Great drawing skills, and 2) Above average mathematical skills. Such students to be provided with a specialised support course for architecture (covering geometry and drawing) in lieu of proper science subjects, while counselling them and their parents for it. And by the time they will be in 12th......they will be very strong in their approach for architecture education.

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