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  • Allumonde grew!

    Communication, Fashion Design


    Allumonde traveled with DESIGN 21 to San Francisco. Word on the street is that the ring actually grows in size and sticks itself to large banners.

    How can one prevent this from happening?

    Well, you can try keeping it on your finger and in small jewelry boxes. It turns out the packaging has a slot for the ring to constrict it on its way from the factory in Japan to the various holding locations thoughout the United States.

    In case Felissimo needs to recall the piece, notify us of ring enlargements by replying to this post.

  • Finger is CAUGHT

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design


    Celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch gets his finger caught while trying to determine his Allumonde size. Oh no!

    The celeb wined and dined with us at this same time last year. Do you think he's still stuck in the signage? Hopefully, the doctors didn't have to amputate.

  • Iphone_177_

    This month, New York Magazine claims Steve Jobs has created the "Jesus phone".

    Have I seen the iPhone? No. Yet I hesitate to agree.

    Reason being that on Tuesday I couldn't walk down the street without buying one. My usual stroll to public transportation after work was blocked by the barricade outside the Fifth Ave Apple store.

    As a naive pedestrian, I follow the crowds only to discover I cannot walk to the other side of the block. I have actually, by mistake, joined the line to buy an iPhone. To be certain, a police officer instructs me that the only way I can walk is by getting in line.

    It's my newfound opinion that when products saturate the market, and the environment, a company has gone too far. Perhaps the NY Mag story is right. The iGiant may be due for a fall.

  • One of the non-profit organizations in our Network, Investor's Circle, gathers angel investors who are interested in investing in companies that use this philosophy in their business practices.

    Currently, we're gathering companies to join this Network who subscribe. Or other companies that are socially responsible as well.

    Right now, our corporate members include Aveda, Smith Barney, Green Mountain Coffee, Best Buy, and Atelier Ten, among others.

    Suggestions? To see info about Investor's Circle on our site, click here.

  • Taxi Transformations

    Environment, Environmental Design

    Well, soon enough, not only will taxis be painted via the public project to make pretty...they will be cleaner too. I'm in disbelief! SEE BELOW.

    New York City will convert entire taxi fleet to hybrids

    The big yellow taxis of the Big Apple will all be hybrids by 2012 under a plan announced last week by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The city has been testing 375 hybrid cabs for 18 months, and will soon begin converting its 13,000-vehicle fleet. "It will be the largest, cleanest fleet of taxis anywhere on the planet," Bloomberg said, adding that the switch would be the equivalent of taking 30,000 individually owned, gasoline-powered vehicles off the streets. "These [cabs] just sit there in traffic sometimes, belching fumes," he said. "This does a lot less. It's a lot better for all of us." Louise Vetter, president of the American Lung Association of the City of New York, agreed: "New Yorkers are exposed to some of the dirtiest air in the nation. Putting more clean cabs on New York City streets is an important step in our fight to improve air quality." The move, hailed by the New York Federation of Taxi Drivers too, is part of Bloomberg's plan to cut the city's carbon emissions 30 percent by 2030.

  • The Giving TEE

    Environment, Communication Design

    T-shirts are too often made in sweatshops even with pesticide-infused cotton. However, T-shirt maker Eric Henry, president of paragon T.S. Designs, seeks to achieve its triple bottom line through sustainable sourcing and manufacturing of functional, fashionable tees.

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